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  1. Хоть и надо минимальный андроид 7.0 у меня 9.0 и не работает вообще… пишет: "Ваше устройство несовместимо"

  2. My phone meets the system requirements of the game, but even in the low graphics settings, it is tight, please find a solution

  3. Considering this for my first farming simulator game. Looking at switch just waiting on some reviews to drop first.
    Seems strange there hasn't been reviews or gameplay of the switch version over the week I'm a bit worried!

  4. Чому , я не можу, купити fs 20 . Планшет Леново має 8 Андроїд??? Чекаю на fs 20 на 8 Андроїд!!!!

  5. Giants please fix the game crash because my smartphone is good and still crashes. fix it because I like the game a lot but this way it can't (And I already put the graphics at least)

  6. Creo que le falta un poco de optimización tengo un redmi note 7 y funciona medio trabado, se que necesito uno más potente pero le falta optimización al juego.

  7. Ого , вы огромные молодцы такая крутая графика на андроид! Как Fs19 только на мобильных устройствах , Круто
    (Пожалуйста оптимизируйте игру под экраны с соотношением сторон 19,5:9 заранее спасибо!)

  8. Would love to be playing this game right now but sadly it runs very badly on android but hopefully giants can do something to fix it

  9. Fiquei esperando um ano para ser lançado e quando entro na Google play fala que meu celular não é compatível vai cê fudeu

  10. you should make the game much more compatible with lower cell phones, I don't think this game needs android 7.0 and 4gb ram, this is absurd

  11. Can you add 300 hp range case ih tractor and or a case ih combine or a bigger john deere combine btw love the game good job.

  12. you should make the game much more compatible with lower cell phones, I don't think this game needs android 7.0 and 4gb ram, this is absurd

  13. To think how good the game looks only to pay and then realise you can only get 5fps on minimum settings is disappointing.

  14. Please fix all the bugs and stability in the gameand please fix Lag in that push any new update quickly because we can't play without Lag and framedrops you just make a great game worst please fix Lag and framedrops and smooth in very high graphics

  15. Noobs.
    I'm very curious how much people will install it.
    This game has bigger sistem requirements than fs 18.
    Not everybody can afford to buy new phones or tablets.
    I rather Farming USA 3 (if it will be released).

  16. The game is soooo badly optimized I have a powerful device and still can't run it properly on medium settings, my device is a Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

  17. Please optimize the game is crashing a lot My cell phone is a Motorola G6 play 32GB / 3Ram and has many bugs I really want to play the game without bugs

  18. Si ma fa schifo il gioco e ingiocabile , non capisco come potete fare uscire un gioco con tutti questi problemi. Risolvete o chiederò il rimborso

  19. Przepraszam ale yesterday mogłem mieć fs 20 a dziś już nie możecie zoptymalizować albo wrócić tą gre na Huawei Y6 2019

  20. Zdravstvuyte, skachal igru zakhozhu i vybrasyvayet iz igry, v pleymarkete napisano,Prilozheniye bol'she ne sovmestimo s vashim ustroystvom, Za dopolnitel'noy informatsiyey k razrabotchikam. toyest' k vam,moye ustroystvo ksiomi redmi 5A android 7 oprativnaya pamyat' 2 gigabayta 4-kh yadernyy protsessor. sdelayte pozhaluysta chtob igra tyanula na nizkoy i sredney grafike,budu ochen' rad.a tak igra zamechatel'naya.

  21. The game works on a mobile phone with: RAM Memory: 1 GB Memory Card: microSD, expandable to 128 GB Processor (CPU): Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 Graphics Processor (GPU): Mali-T720

  22. please improve game optimization. my cell phone is a Motorola G6 play 3 GB RAM and 32 GB Snepdragon 460 processor I think. And is also saying in the play store that my device is not compatible that makes me very sad.And also put the multiplayer mode in the next updates.

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