Farming Simulator 20: How to Play with a Controller
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Farming Simulator 20: How to Play with a Controller

December 6, 2019

How to play FS 20 with a controller To connect your controller with your mobile device you simply turn on bluetooth we already have it on here and then you take your DualShock or Xbox One controller press the Playstation and share button or the Xbox connect button for a couple of seconds until the light flashes Then it should show up on your device Simply tap it to connect it and it’s connected Now we’re good to go to play FS 20 with a controller on your mobile device So let’s head on up here and start a game There we go You can use the right stick to move the camera right around like this or the L1/LB button to open up or close the mini map L1/LB and D-pad up will switch to the ingame vehicle view You can then use the action buttons to turn on your vehicle you’re sitting in right now and the trigger buttons to start driving forwards and of course backwards as well You can also use the D-pad to switch through all of your available vehicles and the options button will open up the menu pressing the L1/LB button plus the options button will open up the map overview through which you can also switch with different filters using R1/RB or L1/LB R1/RB plus the options button will open up our shop and show the different categories we have here Let’s buy a car There we go Now we can use the D-pad buttons to switch around to our new vehicle and start driving around the map And of course if you for any reason whatsoever want to just switch you can put down your controller and start tapping and the touch controls will just pop up Now available! More information on how to connect your mobile device to your controller in the description below!

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  1. Put the female option back in😡 there are lots of female farming gamers here🤔 & taking out all the others things you did was bad enough😖. Its so not worth it now. I thought maybe the female and male charactors would be a permanant thing in it becuase you know that all sorts of people play your games, but i guess not. Dont you think having both option are important?. Its not just men who play.

    Btw this would be my second farm simulator game. I loved the switch edition & i might aswell go back to playing that. This just has so many things they took out😖.

  2. About controller, on my ipad with dualshock 4, in shop we have press R3 for details. But it isnt work. I have to use touchscreen to look details window. But anyway thx for great game. And can we somehow lock forwarding up just like on touchscreen?

  3. Olá, com a ajuda do Hello, baixei o jogo, Go And joga fora do jogo, dentro O Playmarket não é mais compatível com o seu dispositivo, para mais informações para desenvolvedores. Isto é para você o meu dispositivo HUAWEI MediaPad T3 10 Android 7 RAM 2 gigabytes 4 processadores principais. Por favor, faça o jogo arrastar e soltar em gráficos baixos e médios, ficarei muito satisfeito e o jogo é maravilhoso

  4. Cheap game, just like FS19 on consoles, FS20 runs like trash. Low or high settings, doesn´t matter. Worse than EA in the recent years, only for cash but not to satisfy fans.

  5. On my Android phone for some reason vehicles can't reach the peak speed with controller! The maximum working speed of New Holland TX32 I get is only 3kmh! I tried a physical keyboard but nothing happened! I hope it will be get fixed soon!

  6. I have Redmi Y1 3Gb ram 32GB internal storage and 7.0 nought but on play store showing your device not compatible this version why any reason

  7. I am farmer and i love to play farming simulator game but i can't play this game because showing my device not compatible this version 7.0 nought

  8. I don't have these neither an iPad nor a Xbox controller still I am watching it.

    Anyone else here just like me.😎😉😅

  9. Оптимизация дно, даже на iPad и на iPhone лагает, что говорить уже за android устройства.

  10. Não tem como nós jogar pois o jogo está indisponível para quase todos os celulares.

    There is no way we can play because the game is unavailable for almost every cell phone.

  11. Ich kann die App nicht auf Android installieren, obwohl mein Handy neu ist. Können sie mir helfen. Antwort bitte auf Deutsch

  12. Has anyone noticed that the acceleration in the bluetooth control is bad? It is not accelerating the maximum of the tractor.

  13. Who noticed. that even for them is crashing. Update. optimizes this game. It's past time. Giants Software, what a disappointment.

    Quem reparou que ate pra eles ta travando?
    Atualiza por favor. Ja passo da hora. Que decepção Giants.

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