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  1. Mi-ați văzut comentariul pe magazin Play și ați băgat butonul de mods și română în joc va mulțumesc 😘

  2. Well now we kow why the water is poluted

    XD keep making these videos and lets all hope the game will get even better

  3. ok guys some of you guys in the comments are keep saying, "pls add multiplayer" guys the developer is planning it right know you can check kripsis' video you will see a multiplayer footage by the developer

  4. Um okay i commented on this video earlier but i came back to see if more comments were added and i would like to point out that me and lee are just the discord admin and we aren't game developers if you want to suggest stuff for the game you guys should talk to the actual game developer and not us and also pls stop asking for multiplayer the developer has been working on it and for proof one of the people who can contact the developer (Kripsis) made a video on it a few months ago

    -official evertech discord admin: GRAYTON21

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