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Delta Point | Last Episode | Tere Mere Beach Mein

March 11, 2020

what do we do today?
we should trouble him somehow always he plays a prank lets drive off when he opens the door? no, we have done that! how about we drive off without him like last time?
yeah! lets drive backwards and trouble him? do one thing, drive over him and kill him! done!
done!! what? done!
pass the camera here welcome to the last episode of the series, Tere Mere Beach Mein today we have come to Delta Beach in Kundapur i don’t know more about this beach, just here to explore the most interesting part is that we are going on a boat and explore the backwaters so lets get started alright, we have reached the beach its called the Delta Point, today’s episode is is a collaboration with Dhyan Health Bar & Yoga Cafe we are gonna take a boat and explore the back waters take a stroll on the sea walk don’t know much about this place but with you guys i am going to explore it lets get started who says, to explore backwaters we must visit Kerala?
if you the right person and the right destination there are a lot of such opportunities in our surroundings this place in kundapur was a similar experience for us to give you a better picture of this place there is a fishing port of Gangolli on one side and on the other side lush greenery and endless waterways water level was low when we visited this place so the captain of the boat said we couldn’t explore most of it but if you ask us it was completely a new experience for us this was the only beach were the entire team felt if we had more time in our hand we could have explored more done with the back waters, entering the sea
now the ride is gonna get bumpy a tourism destination in a fishing village with traditional fishing we also witness a modern architecture when you take a walk on the sea walk you realize the sea is never ending similarly the 8 week long series would be never ending is what we hoped but we all have constrains just like us, i hope even you will miss this series and us a lot we hope to see you soon that’s it at this beach and that’s it in the entire series of Tere Mere Beach Mein, kya hai i hope you have followed the entire series if not click the (i) button and watch them all this is end of season one, thanks for all the love and support we hope to come back again with season 2 we would have missed some beaches, comment bellow with their names we would have forgot to cover somethings in a particular beach do lets us know about them as well we are Instagram and facebook as well this is it in this series, we had a lovely team and we had fun working i shall see you in an other beautiful series or in the season 2 of this series until then bye take care and stay tuned

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