Découvrez la nouvelle application CPF
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Découvrez la nouvelle application CPF

December 3, 2019

Hello everyone, we announced it is done your account individual training is now online and it’s easy as hello. I show you, on your smartphone you can now download it from the App Store for a iPhone either for an Android phone on the Play Store. In the App Store you click on the “Mon compte formation” application which is at the top of the list So you come across different tabs tab “Search”, “Favorite”, “Folder” and the tab “My account”, what will interest us is the tab “My account”. Once you are returning your social security number and your birth name, we will most certainly ask you to fill other fields, “Name”, “First Name”, “Address”, “Phone”, but also to create a password to be able to connect on your smartphone to your application as you see fit You will be able to explore search a training that you like that you would like to do knowing that everything first make sure to look at the amount in euros available to you freely to date for you train as you please. the amount will be increased by 2019 at the latest at the end of April 2020 find that the amount is small or very large, these rights allow you to finance a training. To you to play but especially now it’s up to you to train yourself. And do not hesitate to come back to us on www.rgacademy.fr or our YouTube channel RG Academy, I tell you very quickly.

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