decorate my phone case with me! + what’s on my iphone 11 pro
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decorate my phone case with me! + what’s on my iphone 11 pro

January 17, 2020

hello my friends today i am going to be doing two things one, i’m going to finally decorate my phone case and two, this is also going to be a what’s on my iphone video here is my phone right now in late 2019 i got a new phone my last phone was an iphone- i don’t really remember which one it was but i had it for 5 years and so i got a new phone this is an iphone 11 pro this is the regular size one my hands aren’t big enough for the bigger one and this is just a standard clear case i literally got it the day i got my phone it’s just one of the phone cases that were available i really want to decorate my phone case my idea is i’m just going to put a bunch of stickers on it and hope for the best my last phone, that i actually still have maybe i should go get it ok my joints are going to crack right now maybe not ok i’m back this is my last phone and i happen to be matching it this is my last phone i’m pretty sure it’s the iphone 7 these are all stickers this is not a specific case this is also another clear case my new phone needs some work it needs some personality so for this video we’re just going to have a chill time together and decorate my phone at the end of the video i will also do a what’s on my iphone just because for some reason i’ve gotten a lot of requests to show what’s on my iphone i will give you a heads up it’s not the most interesting thing one i graduated college so i don’t have a lot of productivity apps or a lot of the apps i used to have and two this is a new phone i’ve only had it for a couple months so i don’t have all the apps i might need which is probably better for me anyway i don’t want my phone to be too cluttered with apps and i also don’t wanna be on my phone constantly so i think keeping it minimal is my way to go anyway without further ado let’s just get into the video we are starting off with a blank canvas under this phone case i just placed a photocard, i have a bunch of photo cards for example i have one right here it’s just a standard photo card if you’re familiar with kpop this is of my bias in bts, namjoon or rm and i also have this little phone ring because this is a bigger phone so i need more support this helps me to hold my phone in different angles this helps me lie on my bed and not drop my phone on my face it’s just a good phone ring my last phone had this little snap grip and it was good for holding my phone in certain angles but if i was laying down i constantly dropped my phone on my face so just having a phone ring was definitely a better change anyway back to the point of this video i wanna decorate my phone case i wanna put a bunch of stickers here and there let’s just get to it here is a closer angle of my phone i have a bunch of stickers that i’m going to be using i already opened some but i have these tata jelly stickers these stickers are from line friends, i got them in korea but i’m pretty sure they’re available in any line friends store i have a couple more here, unfortunately they didn’t have all the characters i’m going to make do with what i have as you guys may know, tata is my bt21 bias i also have a bunch of regular stickers as you can see here we’re really just going to go all out i think first i’m going to start with my jelly stickers these stickers are 3d that’s why they’re called jelly stickers i think adding these stickers will act as a sort of grip for my fingers i definitely want these planet stickers on here for now i’m going to put some stars around my namjoon photocard if you guys are into kpop you might have a photocard on the back of your phone to be honest i’m going to add a little sticker right here, why not should i put it here or here imma put it there we go i know what i’m going to do just gonna put it right here nice see it already just feels nice then i’m going to put one here as well gonna put this here just to make it a little off center it’s already looking cute i’m also trying to feel with my fingers oh that already feels nice having this right here because i grip my phone like this usually i’m going to add it right here because nothing’s really going on right here and the shooky one there are more stickers that i want to use so i’m going to open this right now i’m going to add this blue star right next to namjoon gonna put it maybe on his shoulder or something maybe right here, ok we got it we got a blue star there maybe i might add some of these stickers i got these from object in hongdae in korea i’ll add the strawberry milk there we go omg it’s so cute i think i might add this sticker right next to the camera just so it looks like a little cheesing face i’m going to add this right next to the camera just like that and here we go we finally have tata on my phone i’m going to add a bunch of these flower stickers i also have these cherry blossoms, i’m going to add some and then i’ll add some smaller petals around it i’ll also add this smiley face here i think it’ll just remind me to smile aw that is so cute i’m also going to put a couple of these little emoticon stickers they’re just really cute i’ll add this one right here and then a cute little smile sticker right here nice to give it some depth i’m going to add really tiny stickers to contrast with these more medium stickers i’m gonna instead put this coffee cup to make this more different gonna put it right where that flower used to be there we go and i think that is going to be it for my phone case i finally have stickers on my phone here’s my old phone and this is my new phone i think this is just a nice diy project all you need is a simple phone case and a bunch of stickers the possibilities are endless just do whatever you want use big stickers, small stickers just to give it some depth and variety i think it turned out cute whenever i look at my phone i’m just going to smile and now i’m going to do a quick what’s on my iphone this is my lock screen great, fantastic if i click here there i am hello everyone and i can take a nice picture that is my phone camera and i just swipe away then here’s a flashlight anyway we’re going to just get into it so here is my phone these are all just the default apps that came with the phone i don’t really have them organized in a certain way they just kinda ended up like this i have facetime, calendar, photos camera, weather, clock, notes compass, home, calculator reminders, maps stocks, contacts, voice memos settings, app store these are all just apps i wanted these default apps in one page i didn’t want them to spread over to another page then i have my wallet app this is actually pretty handy because all of my concert tickets and anything else go in here i think we all know that though, so moving on music, find my phone watch and mail here on this little bar i have safari, spotify messages and phone these are just like my most used apps i use spotify pretty much all the time i have a bunch of nice playlists my recent playlist a great playlist and then this is another playlist i like it’s called feels i listen to this pretty much all the time whether i’m going through it or i’m happy just good songs so i have a bunch of playlists on spotify you guys can check them out then i just have phone and messages just because it’s just better to have them here this is the page that you were probably waiting for i organize a lot of my apps in folders just to make things more clean i actually put all of my social media into a folder just to make it hard for me to access my social media apps because i used to have my twitter instagram and youtube and everything just out in the open like this but because they were out in the open it was easier for me to access them and so i would be on those apps a lot so i tried making it a little more difficult for me by adding them into a folder eventually my fingers and my brain got used to it so it’s just really easy to get to them now but it was an attempt in the beginning to get me off my phone more so with an extra tap i can access my social media apps i have twitter, instagram, youtube pinterest, kakaotalk, tumblr and snapchat this is all that i find necessary for me next i have my photo folder and this is where my photo editing apps are i only have four that i really need i use vsco, boomerang, snow and blur photo this app i just found because i needed to blur some faces out of my photos then here is snow it’s a popular app especially in asia it’s a photo [messaging] app there’s a lot of filters and tuning up you can do and then here’s boomerang i don’t- really know why i have it i assume because of instagram but i don’t really use this a lot i just have it in here but i edit most of my photos on vsco i edit my thumbnails and everything here here are all my pictures that you might have seen on instagram or twitter but that was my [photo] section moving on here is my entertainment section and again i like to have them in folders just so it’s not too easy to access i have netflix, vlive, viki, hulu webtoon and weverse i used to read webtoons when i was in college just because i saw people read webtoons and so i wanted to read webtoons and i actually read some but i didn’t keep up with that and then back when bts had their own webtoon that was a great time but i have netflix i feel like everyone knows what netflix is i am currently watching crash landing on you it is a korean drama it’s new and people have been talking about it so i wanted to watch it as well it’s great vlive is where i watch a lot of kpop related content artists will upload content and livestreams it’s just always a great time sometimes i get questions where i watch run bts and other livestreams a lot of it is on vlive for instance for bts here are literally all their videos so if you didn’t know, now you know viki is where i watch a lot of korean dramas then hulu is- ah jeez viki is where i watch a lot of korean dramas and then hulu is basically just like netflix but different and then weverse is basically a fan community type of thing you can see people post and then bts comment on posts or make their own posts so that is entertainment, i don’t have too many apps here but it’s just all the necessary stuff here is my finance [folder] and it has bank, paypal, venmo this helps me send people money, receive money, all that here is my shopping [folder omg why do i keep saying app] and i just have a few shopping apps i have poshmark, depop i plan to sell my clothes one day in 2020 that’s one of my goals i think i’m gonna use depop just because people say there’s international shipping and all that i have ticketmaster and that’s where i get concert tickets amazon, yesstyle axs is another ticket system and then i also have uniqlo here i don’t really, this is just random i have a countdown app and this is where i make countdowns and then costar is a little astrology app basically you can find out your natal chart your friends’ natal charts you guys can add each other and compare it’s just a bit of fun and this app is just for my noise canceling headphones i needed this app for bluetooth moving on i have a bts section this was to control the version 3 lightstick and then this is bts world it is their game app next i have a lifestyle [folder AGHHH] there’s really not much in here i have ikea just because i like looking at furniture and then i have a zillow app this is just because i like looking at housing as well next i have gmail i actually use gmail rather than this app, i don’t know why it’s just easier for me then i have google maps and waze waze is a map app as well it just calculates traffic and arrival times in real time a little better than standard map apps and then here i have a travel [folder i give up at this point i didn’t notice i say ‘app’ when i was editing oof] this is just dedicated to travel related stuff i have a bunch of airline apps because it makes checking in and boarding passes easier i have the app and then expedia airbnb, so this is just all travel next i have yelp, if i wanna look up restaurants or nearby places that i want to go to or visit, this is helpful for reviews papago is a translating app this is naver’s translating app so it helps me with korean it’s just more accurate translations i am filming a video i like to have easy access to this app so here it is if you want more common accurate translations papago naver is the way to go then i have google drive, i don’t know why it’s here i don’t go on it a lot but occasionally i will make documents and excel sheets and all that then i have kindle, i used to read books on kindle lately not as much just because i haven’t really had the time to read but i do read books here as you can see i read the little prince and then here i just have the apple store app and that is actually it for my phone again because this is a new phone i don’t have a lot of the apps i used to use but this is just cleaner for me and these are the apps i use the most this is how my phone is organized these are the apps i use and it’s just practical for me if you guys want to see the camera here is my room right now, don’t mind it’s a little messy but here is the regular lens as you can see there are three types of lenses this is the regular one then i’m going to the super zoom so it basically just zooms up for you and then next i will show the wide angle lens and as you can see it is such a wide lens here is the video version this is the regular lens or the regular angle then here is the closeup and then here is the wide and that is it for this video this is the final phone case it finally has some personality i like the way it turned out it just makes the phone a little more interesting and it also feels nice just feels nice to have stuff to hold onto especially here, this was a good decision right here and then i also showed you what’s on my iphone i don’t have a whole lot of apps these are just what’s useful to me back when i was in college i definitely used different apps i don’t have canvas anymore i think it’s also just interesting to see what’s on people’s phones maybe we had some common apps maybe we had some apps in common maybe there were some apps you didn’t know about or maybe some of my organization tips were also helpful whatever it is i hope you enjoyed this video i just enjoy having fun decorating things and doing that with you guys but that is all i have for today and this is where i sign off let’s bring it in moving on this bed is not the easiest thank you guys for watching and OMG you guys almost fell thank you guys for watching and i will see you next time! bring it in, and goodbye my friends 🙂

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  1. I know I'm late and I know I'm off topic buttttt….. Everytime i look at you i saw mingi 😂😂 ateez mingi 😂😂 somehow both of you look alike and its so cuteeeee❤❤

  2. okay but like we have the same lock screen XD
    high five Namjoon bias !!
    I've also come to the conclusion that every bts stan has: snow,weverse,vlive,bts world and webtoon

  3. Just a quick msg… the iPhone 7 got released in 2016 (in september) so for now its 3 years old, and later this year it turns 4 🙂

  4. “you probably have a photocard in your phone case”
    My photocards:we’re in a little box she won’t get us out…

  5. Tip: if you haven’t pulled your bias yet just get a photo card and place it upside down because it still shows its BTS
    (Or just use an OT7)

  6. “i am currently watching crash landing on you”
    crash landing on you playing on my tv while i’m on my phone

  7. I have the same photocard in the back of my phone but mine is fake because no matter how many albums I buy I never pull Namjoon

  8. I've tried to add stickers to things, but they wear off soooo quickly. I always put things under the cases and such ._.

  9. is that an official photocard or a replica one? honest question because some photocards get burned on the back you know when charging & the heat 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  10. this video makes me want to be friend with you! i love your personalities, the way you explain about your phone, your opinions about decorate phone case, etc T-T

  11. Nina: Beautiful rich army.
    While me: Ordinary-International-broke-lives in her dream Army. An army having a folder in the gallery where she keeps all her screenshots of dream products (eg: kånken bag, Polaroid, iPhone, armybomb) from pinterest.

  12. My clear phone case turned brown the plastic was bad material so I need a new one right now I have this marble case bougie lookin phone case but I also had Namjoon at the back.

  13. “if you guys are into kpop, you might have a photocard on the back of your phone case.”

    me: turns my phone around
    “hi taetae.”

  14. Bruh she should have did a flower crown with those flower stickers she had 😂 I got triggered when she didn’t but it still looked cute af.

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