Dating Apps Should Take Notes From These Singles | Digital Love

March 12, 2020

– Why don’t you just have a dating app where your family goes on for you, finds someone who that they
thinks is a good fit for you, and then they just agree
and you just get married. – Um, no. (upbeat music) – This swiping on one person business, I don’t have the time to swipe through as many people as there
are in New York City. I just wanna be able to
like find the blonde guys, and then like evaluate
from there, you know? – Let’s see. – To filter out any
type of creepy message. So if you’re trying to send
a girl a creepy message, it wouldn’t go through. – First off, no dick pics. – Yes, you understand me. – The user could be like, hey, I’m looking for something maybe more open. Or if they’re really, really like trying to settle down, maybe
that person would be like, no, I’m really looking for that. You only give them
matches or people to see like with that. – A poly dating app for like, you know, people can
date like multiple people at one time. – Um. – It would set a time and a place for just a bunch of people to show up and you just kinda walk around and talk. – [Producer] Like a party? – Yeah, I would throw a party
is what I would do. (laughs) – It would give you recommendations of like activities to do,
depending on the ambiance. – I feel like Yelp should be connected, so then you’re like,
where are you located, and you can pick like a place to go or a place you have in common. – Okay. – Like where to go on a date,
it can give you a discount. So you can have like, oh, let’s go there. Like, they got 20% off drinks. – You weren’t really
swiping on like a person, but you were swiping on like a person and a like near-term date. Hey, do you wanna go
out with, I don’t know, Samantha, like tonight at
eight and go to Union Pool? – Video chat system, where it’s like safe, but you can actually
get to know the person. – It would definitely have FaceTime. – Something that really allows people to do kind of like a little intro video. Obviously showing their personality, showing what they’re interested
in, something like that. – There has to be like a preference thing. Education, race, religion,
or political views, so you can filter out the ones you truly have no interest in. – I would love to have like a shoe-cam or something like that. – No. – So I could see like which
type of shoes you’re into. – If someone like, when you send a thing and they read it and hadn’t respond, I would want them to like
automatically send the message, being like, oh, so that’s how you feel? – Height verification. When I say I’m 6’2″ and
you’re telling me you’re 6’2″, I would like us to match. – The main feature would
be like your credit score. I need to know your credit score before we can continue this. – Oh, God. – If you’re just here to like (bleep), then just like write that. If you’re there to like look for love, then write that, too. (upbeat music)

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