Clinked – AppSumo Black Friday 2019
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Clinked – AppSumo Black Friday 2019

November 29, 2019

Hey party people! Are you enjoying our Black Friday deals? We thought you might. Now, we’re going to talk about Clinked,
a cloud-based, white-labeled platform that makes you look like an absolute pro to your
clients. All you freelancers, consultants, and service
providers need Clinked in your business toolkit because it seamlessly helps you collaborate,
connect, manage projects, and share files with each and every one of your clients. Plus, with desktop and mobile app options,
you’ll wow on every device. Let’s dive in. When I say white-labeled, I truly mean it. Clinked agrees that your portal should reflect
your branding, so get started by adding your logo and customizing the appearance to your
liking. For some extra snaz, you can even use a custom
domain! Happy with your design? Then you’re off to the races – just invite
clients to their specific group. Once they’ve logged into the portal, you’ll
be able to share and collaborate on files. Thanks to Clinked’s massive storage capacity,
file sharing is a breeze. You can upload training manuals, presentations,
contracts for signatures, and anything else. Plus, with a number of security features,
like 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, access permissions, and tracked user activity,
you can sleep easy knowing each project and client portal is as safe as Fort Knox. So, let’s say you’re awaiting your client’s
approval on a contract. You’ll simply upload the contract to the
File section and assign the task to your client. Once you do, an email will be sent to your
client with the item. Clients are able to preview the document,
leave annotations, or sign the contract using an AdobeSign integration. Bonus! There’s no need to travel away from Clinked
to contact your client! You can use the built-in chat feature to view
when a client is online and have one-on-one conversations. Or you can use the Discussion tab, where anyone
on the team can answer and see the dialogue. Clinked makes managing projects more intuitive
than ever. With an at-a-glance dashboard that tracks
your activity stream, you get a high-level view of what’s happening with all of your
clients. If you want a white-labeled solution to collaborate
and connect with your clients, then you need to get Clinked. And if you want other business solutions for
a steal, then you need to check out all of our other Black Friday deals… while you still can.

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