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Clapboard How-To on AppSumo

March 11, 2020

Anytime you’re sharing your brand with an
audience, you want to put your best face forward, right? This includes when you’re recording your
screen or webcam. If you want to amplify your message and communicate
it with clarity and a dash of personalization using a simple but powerful Chrome plugin,
then you’ll definitely want to stick around for today’s product showcase! What’s going on, Sumo-lings? Chris here with AppSumo, and today I want
to tell you about Clapboard, a Chrome plugin that helps you create, edit, and share attractive
screens and webcam recordings on an intuitive interface. Clapboard also combines team collaboration
and detailed analytics to make this the most effective tool for you and your team! Plus, in just a sec, I’m going to show you
how you can turn your Clapboard videos into a lead-collection machine – but before I do, I want you to
double-check that you’re subscribed to the AppSumo YouTube channel so you never miss another deal like this. Alright, let’s dive in. Once you download the Clapboard plugin, you’re
ready to fire it up from any Chrome tab. There are three recording modes: Screen and
Camera, Screen Only, and Camera Only. Under Advanced options, you can choose which
webcam and microphone you want to use and the video quality. And it’s that simple! You’re ready to hit record. Clapboard gives you a number of options to
enhance your videos and bring the viewer’s focus to what’s important. In the toolbar, you can highlight sections
of the page with the pen, type whatever text you want along the screen, and use the eraser
for small mistakes — or the Clear button for big ones. Once you finish recording the video, you’ll
be taken to StoryXpress in your browser, which is where your video will live. Clapboard’s Cloud storage helps you keep
all of your videos in one place. Here you can view or download the video, share
the URL with your audience, or make customizations to the player’s appearance. Thaaaat’s right! Clapboard lets you make the player your own. Head to the Meta tab to change the video’s
title and description, and the Thumbnail tab for… well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. But before you ask – yes, you can upload your
own! Then, brand the video player so there’s
no mistaking it’s yours. You can style the colors, update the play
button, and even add your logo! The Annotations tab is where you’ll go when
you want to turn your video into a lead-generating machine. Add a form at the end of the video to capture
leads, or use a banner for Calls to Action! Your dashboard will be filled
to the brim with analytics and graphs that give you a clear scope of your video’s impact. Learn exactly what parts of your videos the
viewer paid attention to or scrolled past, so you can continue to upgrade your video
game. Face it – your audience wants videos! So get yourself a highly intuitive tool that
makes video recording economical while skyrocketing your sales with Clapboard!

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  1. Loom. Seems very similar to Loom which is already a decent tool.

    Watched this video and I'm honestly still struggling to see the value add for anyone already aware of or using Loom.

    Maybe the creators can confirm👀?

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