CineEye App Recent Update Compilation (& CineEye Air Teaser)
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CineEye App Recent Update Compilation (& CineEye Air Teaser)

March 12, 2020

Accsoon CineEye APP has received a series of updates in past few months. With these updates, previously incompatible non-snapdragon Samsung devices are now supported. Now you can utilize hardware decoding on most popular models with minimum viewing latency, even compared to a dedicated camera monitor Ever needed to hand your device to a client or a friend? Don’t worry, now try your older smart phones and pads. For those older devices that may still be incompatible, we now give you the option to switch to software decoding mode. Remember the on button you had to click every time you enter the app? Now it’s gone! This time the app itself will automatically sync to CineEye and start streaming for you. You can finally stack multiple monitoring tools together, such as opening waveform, greyscale, focus peaking, zebras and histogram all at the same time. Oh we also added RGB Parade. You can now press waveform again to enter this mode. Compared to luminance waveform, RGB parade is better for monitoring color temperature changes and overall color bias of the scene. Video recording has also been improved. Now the app will directly record the streaming signal in its original 1080p 30fps 8mbps format. And to help you better organize your recordings, now in android system, they will be saved in a dedicated CineEye folder. And for IOS devices, the recordings will be automatically added in your system album. Speaking of re-entering the app, now the monitoring page will remember all your settings, so you don’t have to reset them in the menu all the time. Square Ratio marking is also added for social media projects. Finally, the most important feature we’ve introduced so far, is the pinch-to-zoom mechanism. Now you can zoom in, out and move around the video however you want. To this day, we’ve been constantly introducing new features and improvements to our CineEye lineup. Our wish is that every update can bring you a better experience, help you boost your production efficiency And achieve your creative vision happily and quickly on-set. Oh sorry, almost forgot There is indeed one more thing… Well, yeah, for many reasons, we missed Christmas and Chinese new year But now finally, we’re really happy to introduce you to a new addition of our cineeye lineup! Accsoon CineEye Air Available Now on B&H Thank you for all the support so far. Given what this year has brought us in this short amount of time, I think the most we can do is to wish you guys a peaceful and safe 2020. See you guys next time. And of course be careful and stay safe. For all of you who didn’t click away, here’s a little bit of Easter egg for y’all.

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