Case Study: How OSG uses Visitor Queue
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Case Study: How OSG uses Visitor Queue

January 17, 2020

My name’s Sadie, I’m the Marketing Manager at
OSG, and we provide Health and Safety Training and Human Resources Solutions
to workplaces. We’ve been using Visitor Queue since 2017. We use it with our Sales team primarily.
So, it’s over ten people on our Sales team and they will review who’s been on our
website, they really enjoy getting the daily email notifications indicating
who’s been on the website. If it’s someone new that acts as a lead as someone they can reach out. They’ll also use it to see if any existing customers have
visited the website that way it serves as a reminder that they might need to
touch base and make sure they found everything that they needed. We have
tried other solutions but we found them too expensive and didn’t provide half
the functionality that Visitor Queue does. My favorite thing is that the Sales
team is happy, so they’re happy, I’m happy it’s providing positive ROI and positive
results for us.

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