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Can You Solve These Murder Mysteries? | Ok Tested

March 11, 2020

These were his last words? I figured it out so arrest them right away. Hello guys, what’s up? How are you? Tell us what are we here for? Today’s quiz is about solving murder mysteries. Obviously, I can’t because I am a really stupid person to solve mysteries. I used to love mysteries. I used to love reading famous mystery books. Ask me a question don’t hand me the laptop. Dolly and Molly! (x2) She drank five by the time she drank one. All of the glasses were poisoned but only one of them died. What do you want to know? How did she die? She drank poison so she is bound to die. I have read this somewhere. This is not a picture of the crime scene this is a picture before the crime takes place. My final answer is that Dolly had to pee after drinking four drinks. So all the poison drained out of her body while peeing. While Molly didn’t pee since she drank just one drink and that’s why she died. Molly drank the poison and she died but Dolly drank the ones without the poison. There is no drink in this, there are only ice cubes in it. The poison is in the ice that’s why Molly died. Logically the poison must be in the ice that’s why Molly dies. This is very perplexing. What can you tell from this? PASS. I am a simple man so ask me simple questions.I am already giving up because I am not good with numbers. I can’t figure out what these numbers mean. There are three suspects Bill, John, and Todd. There are four boxes on the note but only three of them have numbers written in them.Is this his phone number? Are these his last words? Why didn’t he write the name straight away? I have played many games like tis so I’ll hold this upside down and see if I can figure it out.When I held it upside down I can see a B-I-L-L. Bill. Bill is the guy.John has five hair on his head so I guess he is the killer. So he is the murderer. I am leaning towards Bill. After a little brainstorming, I can say that Bill is the murderer. But why does it say “Bill is boss”. Heisenberg is here guys.Why did you make Heisenberg from breaking bad to lie down like that?The note has the name of the chemicals. Sulfur, Lanthanum, Oxygen, Carbon, and NIckel. Three people came to meet his that day – Mary, Nicolas, and Jonathan. One of them killed him. I am a science student by fluke. And people are making me solve murder mysteries. Even while dying they are giving mysteries to solve why can’t they simply write the name. Just say it out loud. Nicolas is the killer because if we read the numbers from below their chemical symbol adds up to be Ni-C-O-La-S. So it says – Nicolas. Nicolas is the killer. Yes. I don’t why he killed him but arrest him because I figured it out. My answer is Mary but my answer is obviously wrong. As a hint, he wrote Nickel for Nicolas and to confuse everyone else he added four more compounds to the list. According to me, it must be Nicolas. My final answer is Nicolas. I am gonna pass this question so just tell me the answer. He has written Nickel here so I think it will be Nicolas. F**king hell bro! I should have guessed this. I am glad that there is no time limit for this quiz.

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  1. Narrator is Antil for sure !!! (voice)
    And why kanishk is absent yar?? Not fair 😳
    Satyam 😂

  2. Why kanishk and aakansha are not there in this quiz 😭
    Dono apne bhojpuri isshhtylee me case solve karte..😂

  3. No man correct answer was the purple man!
    I have seen that before
    Coz on his table the knife was missing which was the ‘saboot’ in the murder case

  4. Is it just me or does Sadhika really look kinda sad in this vid…I feel like she's not her usual fun, bubbly self

    Well, it might be cuz ppl keep bashing her (oof) for giving wrong answers

  5. Sadhika: WC -women's clothing….or women changing room…….😅😅
    Why there will be a changing room in a restaurant😅😅😅😅

  6. Accidentally science student bohut bara chutiya nikla, matlab sahi answer ka logic bhi chutiya 🤣 wala diya.

  7. The last puzzle…WC stands for "water closet" that's what loos are called in Europe…
    And I think the answer is the man because his is the only table without a knife…

  8. 2:35 Sonali : Ye aadmii marte marte ye likh kar gya hai ch**iye naam hii likh dete na….😂😂😂

  9. Kaustubh , i guess the name 'BALLU' would really suit u Considering the length of ur hair! 🙂 p.s:big fan😃

  10. Kanishk should have been in this video because I know he would say something very funny for each mystery😂 part 2 mein woh chahiye yaar #TeamKanishk

  11. If Joshua was playing this game then he would have even guessed the name of criminal's mother.😄😂

  12. bro last question k liye aapke apne fact checkers ko fire kr dena chahiye kyuki last question mn murderer vo admi hi hai jiska knife womens washroom mn hai,mne video dekhi h iski aur ye kya logic lagya hai baichung bhutia ne ki womens washroom mn lady murderer hi jaa skti hai jse ki murderer mn itni thzeeb toh hogi hi ki womens washroom mn ni jana chahiye ,jb ladki bahar niklegi tab marduga.😂😂.jo lady hai voh abhi abhi restaurant ayi hai isliye uski plate khali hai

  13. Ok tested posted a video on solving murder mysteries. As a result comment mein sab detective ban geye. 😝😂😂

  14. 6:30 kamine chay sexual ko apple ka nikalta hua dikh raha hai
    Love you dost

  15. Sadhika: I'm really stupid in solving mystery puzzles
    No, Sadhika, I love you but you're just stupid in general

  16. Sadhika doesn't look cool swearing like fucking hell and blah blah….. Infact nobody sounds or look cool like that. I think she should change the way she talk ( just an opinion )

  17. It's 1 am I'm going sleep now😴
    Ok Tested : Can you solve these murder mysteries?
    Me: Why not🤣🧐

  18. 6:18

  19. 6:33 "Diabetes mellitus tha iss ladki ko..dessert kha ke chal basi."

    Oh god..i can't even.. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. No one :
    Literally No one :
    Kaustubh : Girl died because of eating apple as she was having Diabetes 😹😹

  21. Kaustab should have serial killer Name = JattaDhari Killer 😂🤪.. cz i love ur hairstyle it suit on you too much 🤩

  22. Vivek was very funny today on point😆😆..3 Baal the Bnde ke to vo criminal wala logic😆😆😆😆..nd Satyam was really cute 😘🙈..kaustub your name should be ikillwithmycuteness😆😆😆

  23. 2:14 who else tried to upside down the screen which resulted in the screen to rotate itself… 😂😂😂

  24. If i had been a serial killer I would have been named as "Sharma ji ka Launda"…………Ek jhatke me saara game khatam … ghantaa koi compare karega koi ab us launde ko ……. ROFL !!……

    TPDK — Tuie Pe Duie Kantaap — Would be my Kill-cry (Just like my war-cry) !!!

  25. Yes i will solve
    1. Before he drink more water yes in ice they mix passion a to z in word u will get answers albeit in code in number
    3.dis is affire thts friend or chemical distory
    4. Because in food eat had machi pato in niffe will possion because she cutted 1 said . face affired that a killer yes lady
    Im right jai hind

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