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March 9, 2020

– [Asa] Bye! See you in a little bit okay? – Bye!
(Abbie yells) – [Asa] See you in a little bit. We’ll meet for dinner? – Yep.
– [Asa] Yeah? Okay, ready? – Let’s do it. – [Asa] You’re gonna do great. – Thanks. – [Asa] Don’t stress. – I’m not stressed at all. I never stress about anything. – (laughs) As soon as
I told him it was today he was like, “What? “no, it’s tomorrow.” I’m like, “No it’s not.” – I so thought it was tomorrow, I don’t- – Well, you didn’t pay attention in our Sunday meeting, did you? – Mom. That’s not fair. – [Asa] Facts. – If you don’t know what I’m referring to, head over to Priscilla’s
stuff and things. (laughs) – [Asa] That was a promo and a dig. (gentle electronic music) – [Interviewer] Hi, how yeah doing? Come on in. (crowd chatters) – [Asa] It’s your news channel, baby. – I know, I’m fan-girling. – [Asa] Me too. – [Man In suit] Hi guys, congratulations! – [Teenagers] Thank you! – [Man In Suit]
Congratulations to the parents! – [Woman In Blue Dress] Yeah! – [Director] Alright, we’re
gonna wrap up Camera 2. (director mumbles) (laughter) – Actually our chroma key’s
getting better every year. So, you’re a little ghostly. – Weekly scam, pretending
to be the government. Coming at ten are the
two personal questions that will not be on the 2020 census. – [Asa] That’s crazy. – That’s a wrap. That’s a wrap. (crowd chatters) (laughing) – [Asa] I think we need one
of these for your channel. – Yeah? Oh yeah. (upbeat music) – We still haven’t told
them what we’re here for. – Yeah. So, actually, I think it was a subscriber nominated him for this, and so, he won. – [Asa] All Star Student Athlete. – Yeah. So, it’s for our local news station, All Star Athlete of the
week? I think it is? – Yeah, they do it weekly. – Yeah. – That mom and dad over
there? Hi mom and dad! – Hi.
– Hi. – How are you all? – Good! – You guys do a really good job of making them feel comfortable and the lead up to it is very chill. – There you go, all right! They’re not gonna make you nervous? – No!
– Excellent! – Hi, how are you? – Good, how are you? – Good. – Hi, how are you? – Kent Justice, how are you? – Nice to meet you, Isaiah. – Isaiah goes to Paxton,
I’m sure you knew that. – I’ve got some notes over here. (laughter) Been taking some notes. – [Asa] It’s crazy, huh? – Right? – Everything that goes into this. Look at everything on the ceiling. It’s wild. – Isaiah, you’re in a
great spot right there. So. I’m going to sit by
you and we’re just going to have a conversation. – Sounds good. It’s not live. So, if you stumble on something, and think, “Oh, that’s
not what I wanted to say.” No big deal. How are you today? – [Priscilla] Good, how are you? – [Asa] We’re great.
– Good. Did they feed you or anything? We got some food up there. – [Priscilla] Not yet. – [Asa] No, we actually went
first that way we can go to dinner. – All right, good. Well, lets show them how its done. So, tough academic program
but you succeeded there, 3.8 GPA, as we sit here and
that’s in the IB Program, which is clearly tough. – Clear, good job. – Have you breathed yet? (laughter) did you hold your breath the whole time? Mom and dad come over, we’re
going to get pictures together, is that all right?
– [Priscilla] Good job, bud. – [Director] All right, he we go. – Congratulations to you.
– Thank you – It’s good to have a
bright young man like this. – We’re proud. – Making you proud, yeah. – Good job, man. – I’m tired. – You did a really good job. You did a great job. – Thank you – It’s always so hard to tell when you’re being interviewed and stuff. – It’s impossible – You feel like you did terrible and you actually, it turns
out really, really good. – Hey, we should get your
picture with the turtle because you’re like a turtle dad. (laughs) – How’d that, association thing. – [Asa] Oh, look a turtle. Lets take a picture with
it since you own one. – Right. You should take a picture of
a statue, you know people. – [Priscilla] Isaiah, just shut up and take a picture with the turtle. How about that? Yeah, there you go. – Okay, turtle dad. Just turtle dad things. – [Priscilla] You
should’ve sat on its legs. – I’m not going to do that. (laughs) I don’t want to be here
any longer then I have to. – [Asa] Are you so excited? (laughter) – Holy cow, She’s
running around the patio, I’m like, “Lets go!” (laughter) – [Priscilla] Your hair looks so cute. – [Asa] Oh my goodness,
you’re so excited for dinner. (Abbie yells) – [Asa] Lets go, get your shoes. – Where are they? Oh, they’re under you. – [Asa] Get your shoes, come on. (Abbie mumbles) This place is awesome, Abbie,
you’re going to love it. Probably share a meal with somebody. The meals are huge. You want her to share with you Priscilla? – Yeah – You look so cute. – So, you know having
these little family dinners and stuff, you know? And then Isaiah talking about going off to App State during the interview. It’s sad. It’s going to be different soon. You should just stay. – What? I mean, okay. – [Asa] What do you think? Are you going to miss your brother? The ceilings right, I know. They’re not bad though,
they’re not freaking her out. She’s just looking at them, so. – Are you going to miss Isaiah
when he goes to college? – Sir, your door. – [Asa] Thank you. – [Isaiah] You’re welcome. – [Asa] Okay, girls. – ‘Kay – [Asa] Fun day, you had a great day. You did great. Hey, lets go get ready for bed, okay? You want to say good-bye to everybody? Over here. Over here, Abbie. Say bye. (electronic tone) – It’d be a nice break. – [Asa] No, go.
– It’s like a long weekend. – [Asa] Go, go for you.
– It’s like a long weekend. It’s like a three day weekend but we get to do it all the time. – [Asa] Will you please go for you? – I could work for you. – Go for you. Go for me, just go for me. (laughter) (laughter) – Good job honey, good job.

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  1. Asa talking to Isaiah, "you should just stay"
    Music in the restaurant playing, "Oh, won't you stay, just a little bit longer…"
    You couldn't have timed that any better. LOL

  2. woo Congrats Isaiah (n thanks to the subscriber who nominated him)…and well done for gettin through it…you are freaking amazing….so proud of the wonderful person you are…(well done Mum n Dad too)…so sucky when you go to college but i do hope you vlog sometimes xoxox…wooo Abs was soooo excited…and her hair is sooo cute when up like that..xox..loved her top too…big hugs n love to you all xo

  3. Can we talk about that PERFECT timing with the music when Asa said “you should just stay” and Frankie Valli is out here belting “OH WONT YOU STAAAAYYY”

  4. Aweee so proud my eyes leaked a little. We’ve watched him grow up to be the best young man!! 💚💚We are all so proud of you Isaiah!!

  5. well done, Isaiah! I got anxiety just from watching this clip, can't even imagine how you felt. But you did it and that's what matters.

  6. I can't tell if this is a video bout Isaiah or if it's about Asa fangirling about camera equipment lol

  7. So so cool. I was dying to know Isaiah’s news after you teased us yesterday. Congrats Isaiah! Well deserved.

  8. Super amazing! Isaiah you’re one in a million! You don’t know me, but I’m super proud of you! My son is in 2nd grade and just got student of the month at his school, and my daughter is in 5th grade and she got student of the month in the beginning of the school year, and just a few days ago, she was awarded the Superintendent award!!! She was the ONLY student in her whole entire school/district that was selected by the principal! We get the go to an award ceremony in May! It’s pretty amazing! So I know how proud your parents must be of you!❤️

  9. You should see how she does at Lola's or Carmine's, they have that same industrial style ceiling but with stuff hanging from it.

  10. “Have you breathed yet?” 😂 felt that
    I think we’re all gonna miss Isiah when he leaves. You really are going to have to have him call in for podcasts and stuff every once and a while

  11. I’d never caught that Isaiah’s an IB kid! I dropped out of most of mine in grade 11 except art because it got to be too much, that’s a ton of work he’s doing, can’t imagine how the program’s changed since I did it

  12. So cool! Proud of him. He reminds me of my niece that graduated last year. Love seeing kids that have a clear plan and work hard!

  13. Cilla fan girling news anchors and Asa fan boying equipment was everything. Please let us know when isiah's segment is posted. He's so deserving of the honor.

  14. Isaiah, love his humor! Congratulations you are doing great things. You help restore my faith in the next generation!

  15. We are all so very proud of you Isaiah. You are a well rounded young man with infinite potential. You will be missed once you go off to college. App State is lucky to have you as an incoming freshman. Keep rocking' your best self Isaiah.

  16. Great job Isiah, u r a very smart, kind outstanding guy, u deserve all the great things tht come ur way.
    We r all very proud!

  17. I couldn't help but think Isaiah should have stood under the turtle's raised flipper like it had it's 'arm' around him but you could tell he was just really ready to go 😄

  18. Such a great video. Isaiah did awesome, he is such a great kid. Love how Priscilla is so upbeat all the time and she is so real. Thanks for sharing as always.

  19. You must be so over the moon proud of Isaiah & Abbie & all they’ve accomplished so far in life. You’ve done a great job. Godspeed Priscilla ~ Brielle, NJ 🇺🇸

  20. Thats so cool Isaiah that you got to do this you made your parents proud. And i know Abbie is proud of you

  21. Shut up and take picture with turtle. LOL. Sounds like my parents when we go out somewhere have me take pictures with weird stuff.

  22. My kids are 8 and almost 10 and I feel like I'm doing parenting so wrong. My dad was extreme with discipline and belt whoopings and just angry so I lack on discipline and its starting to show in them. You guys have done such a great job with your kids!

  23. Can we please just arrange all the awards so Isaiah gets them…. he truly deserves them all! I pray my girls become as humble & respectful as Isaiah. Great job mum & dad 🥰

  24. yes you'll be sad when he goes away to school, but i'm sure you are both absolutely thrilled with his success about it. it is you both, who should be congratulated for raising him to be so independent.

  25. Well that was fun, an interview on TV, winning an award, a pic with a giant turtle, Dad telling you to stay then telling you to go, Isaiah look at all you'll miss when you go lol

  26. I'm so proud of you Isiah mass your an amazing young man. You will go far in this world. Just remember what ever you set your mind to you will accomplish it. Amazing brother son and friend

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