Best Kodi Build 2019 🔥 For Kodi 18 Leia On Amazon Fire Stick Tv & Xbox One 🔥 Xenon Kodi 18.2 Build
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Best Kodi Build 2019 🔥 For Kodi 18 Leia On Amazon Fire Stick Tv & Xbox One 🔥 Xenon Kodi 18.2 Build

March 13, 2020

Subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification bells so you never miss an update Hello boys I’m Kodi best build and I’m stuck with you again with another video I wish you doing well and having a great time with your friends with your family or anyone so in this video I’m gonna show you how to choose I’ll watch and stop the best kodi build for your Xbox one s Xbox 1x or XBox one so in Xbox one you won’t enjoy the 4k features of this great Amazing build You can enjoy it in your Xbox one as the one that I got and you can enjoy it also on? Xbox one X so here as you can see here is the main menu I’m sorry for that noise My cheer need to change it so right here as you can see in Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA so that’s back to kodi right here as you can see So here Press on them so right here you got a lot of great amazing movies as you can see you can also right here TV shows you got favorites you got Android pops you got add-ons you got the best working Adams So I got a lot of people asking me what is the best bill for Xbox one so you’ll get it xenon kill the bill is the best one you can run movies you can run TV shows you can run a lot of things So here down you got the best and great this working cutie Adam you got Redemption you got Loki you got eight the flicks and Here you can see up you got movies so you can you can watch any movie you want to watch with your friends with your family or anyone so you got a lot of great movies you got a huge library of movies, so right here you can watch anything and here we got TV shows section you can search for TV shows So you got a lot of great TV shows by the way So you can watch game of trials so right here got Game of Thrones you got the flash you got Grey’s Anatomy So you got a lot of great amazing TV shows and movies so I’m going to show you how to install this great build follow the steps with me and don’t miss anything but first don’t forget to subscribe to the channel share it with your friends with your family or anyone we had a big chunk before but we got a issues with it so it’s not Longer on YouTube I’m so sorry for that we lost like fourteen thousand subscribers and we lost two hundred sorry two thousand five hundred dollars on the channel so that’s so sad but it’s not a big deal So now we are right here and we’re gonna build our community from you so support the channel by like press the like button share the video with your friends and leave me a comment in your comment section and thanks for watching me So here grands follow the steps with me so first go to settings right here in the top click on it then press on your system settings Press add-ons and a low two and stars from unknown sources as you can see So if you have a disallowed press on a low and press on yes and here press back Then press on file manager as you can see Press on add a add source press none right here just copy and paste the source So press ok So here I forgot both HTTP as you can see let’s do it again from zero, so Legs takes repo dot did the end as Dotnet So as you can see right here Press ok and Here in the name you can pull whatever name you want Repo Click OK Press back back one more time to the home page here scroll down and click on add-ons and here press on this little box in the top Scroll down and press on install from zip file Scroll down to your repository Press on wizard so right here you are until the 18 pressed on kill the 18 wizard now press on the plug-in program the chief wizard So it’s gonna be install it into your Xbox one or Xbox one s or Xbox one X You have some if you got some update just update everything So right here the wizard is currently downloading add-ons so wait if you got a faster internet you will have it in three seconds I have the slowest internet in the world if it works with me so I’m gonna work so fast with you without any problem, so Right here guys as you can see So press on continue right here press on the build menu or just ignore and open the wizard manually so press on build menu if you want So right here as you can see you get the wizard so here we get maintenance tools So press on builds right here in the top you will get xenon as you can see right here click on it and press On install if you got a previous build or whatever do a fresh install so press on install Right here press on yes install it So here as you can see you get the download process going with you if you got a faster internet Than me you will get the speed you got a fast speed and it’s gonna take only one minute or or less So as you can see don’t not press on cancel or press on this empty space or back or whatever Just stay on the page until the download process is done then first close Cody or sorry the game you will get this great amazing cody build install it into your xbox 1x and you will enjoy 4k resolution only on xbox one s and xbox one x so if you got Xbox one you will enjoy the HD Resolution So right here guys as you can see the download process is done and now it’s installing your files Do not press on anything just be patient and wait until it ask you to first close Cody So right here guys as you can see – to save change and stuff press on ok and then first close Cody or Cody is gonna be closed and restarted again in your Xbox one or Nvidia shield or Amazon fire see if you got killed So right here guys Who, are in the end of the video so this is Cody best bill new channel don’t forget to press unsubscribe as you can see right here and press on the bell icon right here to get every update or every video at a post on the channel so don’t forget also to check my other videos and videos check section and if you want to subscribe to my other Great channels right here we can do that so thanks for watching me and see you soon for another great video

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  1. How does this compare to kodi no limits build? I just ordered the 4k firestick and want the absolute best build for it. Also not a fan of the playful layout and looking for something "less playful" and a bit more elegant in look

  2. I wanted to say accident build but I did exactly what your video says and I have three errors can you please help me with that

  3. When I installed xenon, when the loading it's finish, it says they found 3 errors, how should I go about it when I encounter the errors?

  4. done this 4 times on my xbox just keeps doing same thing when it force closes thats it. it wont load back up again at all

  5. THIS CHANNEL IS FAKE NEWS. Notice how he starts off the video with an xbox then you'll see after his introduction he is using PC because of the mouse cursor for the remainder of the video. That's because he knows the build won't work on xbox but is trying to trick us for YouTube views. Avoid this eurotrash piece of shit, do not waste your time with this scumbag's lies.

  6. Microsoft is making sure Kodi doesn't work with external sources. Do you really think they would allow you to pirate content when their partners like Netflix sit and watch it happen? C'mon guys.

    You want Kodi to work, don't do it with Xbox.

  7. Thanks, bro I'll give it a try and pretty sure it'll work because I had it once before but my Xbox one had a new update and it kelp on crashing trying to opening up the Kodi so I decided to uninstall it and try again with your build.

  8. Folks having problems just uninstall Kodi then reinstall it and add the build. It’s what I had to do and it’s been working fine.

  9. Step 1 to having a good YouTube
    Don’t post shitty builds
    Step 2 to having a good YouTube
    Practice your lines, keep from stuttering

  10. It did not work the same way as it did for you on my Xbox One, I had to download the 1st file on the install from zip file and after that. I see this chef logo on the top right screen…So I went back to the repository and download the 2nd file and then the 1st file which was Leah chef whatever, and that's how I was able to get to where you were at the build screen, So pls update with what I said. Thanks

  11. Have it installed but wont let me watch movies. It will play for 3 seconds then stops completely. Or asks me to pair to a website. Any way to fix?

  12. Tried installing but after i goto the zip file to install and pop up shows build was installed. When i goto add ons there isnt anything installed like your screen shows. Its all blank

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