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Best $20 Weird 99 CENT STORE Tech

January 1, 2020

Now a lot of you guys call me this word in
the comments. I don’t actually know what it means, so we’re
about to find out. Hey what’s up guys, Keaton here. So I’m outside the Dollar Tree right now,
I got 20 bucks, let’s go see what kind of stuff we can get. So we made it to the dollar store, and as
you guys can see, everything is pretty much a dollar, that’s not nine dollars and 99 cents
right? Okay yeah everything’s pretty much a dollar. If you guys want me to do this at Five And
Below, like a five dollar store, drop a like on this video, and I’ll go and do that next. They got stuff here for less than a dollar. What? Mountain Rush looks lit. These say four dollars, I don’t think that’s
right. We’re balling, they don’t even fit my head,
we’re balling. For a dollar. Oh wait no way. They got the four pack. Illuminator, they got whatever that means,
lush, lip gloss, eye shadow. It’s a Hatchimal, yes. The dollar store has food. Cereal, dollar, bread, dollar, fruit, dollar. I got some mouthwash glasses. They got emoji soap. Emoji freaking soap, yes. A purse, sure, I want this. Got a pregnancy test for a dollar. I don’t even know. I found the greatest thing in this store. A gallon of thousand island dressing, yes. Ow, I regret doing this so much, ow. The guy behind you is looking at me. Here at the dollar store, you actually can
get some stuff for free. We got a free muffin right here. Yum yum yum. Oh and we got some coffee. I think it’s still full. No way guys we found it, we found the holy
grail, we found actual tech. An iPhone fan for a dollar, yes. This fun emoji charger, yes. Headphones. Everyone needs that. A selfie stick, yo guys. It’s a dollar, you have to get it. No way. At the dollar store really? This definitely doesn’t look like a dollar. Because it’s not a dollar, it says five dollars
on it. I thought that we’d be balling. Six dollars. This isn’t even a dollar. Are you a dollar mister flashlight? So at the dollar store, all the tech here
literally doesn’t cost a dollar. So I’m gonna splurge and spend two dollars
and get a USB fan, yes. The other fan’s a dollar, maybe this is just
a day about getting fans. I think it could be. No way there’s a mouse here for two– for
two dollars, that’s a real win, whoa. This iPhone camera lens thing, look, it’s
a dollar. This is a food car charger. Nothing here is a dollar. Nothing here is legit a dollar, but I want
it anyways. I want it anyways. Whoa. This is like actually useful, it like extends
your phone’s cord. If this is for a dollar, greatest thing here. Guys, I found an aux cable actually for a
dollar. This is gonna go great with my iPhone seven. Just kidding I actually threw out all my aux
cables, and the iPhone seven doesn’t actually work with one. So I got my cart full, I think I got it just
under 20 dollars. – [Cameraman] Let’s do it. – I thought everything here was a dollar. – [Cashier] So what is it that you want? – Just, we’ll just keep going and then I’ll
just tell you what I don’t want. That’s for you. – [Cashier] 52 cents. – Did we remove this? Remove that. – [Cashier] I can’t anymore. – Oh no. We’re trapped, I got 50 cents. Literally getting down to the pennies here. I’m guessing bags are extra. Oh yeah, that’d be, I’d love that, thank you. Got a free bag. We didn’t get the selfie stick, rest in peace
selfie stick. Alright thank you ma’am. You too. I didn’t get the selfie stick. Alright so I’m back from the dollar store. Here’s the swag we got and the thousand island
dressing, best, for a dollar, you cannot go wrong with that. Alright let’s see what we got. We actually got a lot of stuff, and only for
20 bucks, we got a VR headset, a USB mini fan, this lit car charger, it’s got some food
on it, I like that, my car’s gonna like that. An aux cable, a 3.5 cable for my iPhone seven,
that’s gonna be lit, too bad I can’t use it. Whatever this wall charger is, I don’t know
how, it was more, basically everything at this store was more than a dollar, like the
tech stuff so, thanks for calling it 99 and below, I don’t even know. Got a dope camera kit, iPhone fan, that’s
gonna ruin my iPhone, a mouse, okay, another cord, and something else, most of the stuff
that I got was kind of boring so we’re just gonna try out the super interesting stuff
like this iPhone fan, also known as a two dollar iPhone killer. This will kill your iPhone, please do not
try these, I don’t recommend it, there’s like eight videos on this channel of like me killing
my iPhone. Does it work? It works. Oh that’s so nice. Next we got this USB mini fan, this is what
it looks like. Does this look mini so you? Compared to my iPhone. Doesn’t look too mini and we got the pink
mouse, looks hella lit, I got my laptop, let’s just see if any of this actually works. It gets so hot here in the summer, so hot
here. Here we go. It works. No way. That’s not bad, you just put this like right
here. I’m chilling. And then the mouse. Oh, it totally works. And last on the list is the five dollar VR
headset. I see why it’s five dollars, if we didn’t
have the bag, maybe it could be a dollar. Whoa, this like is actually looking pretty
good. Whoa. That looks awesome. So this is like actually pretty well built. I got a VR video already like lined up. I’m gonna put my phone in. It fits phones, like all phones up to six
inches so you’re pretty much good on like anything. Throw this in here oh I am actually pumped
to try this. Whoa. Gotta hit play. Oh that’s kinda sad, it didn’t even hit play. Alright hitting play now. I don’t know how to not do this without turning
my phone off. So like I’m trying to like hit the play button
and put this back in, and like I’m trying here, but every time I put it in, no matter
which way, the volume either turns all the way down or it turns my phone off. Let’s try this again. I didn’t, I didn’t just take a, I’ll try this
the other way. Literally just it turns the volume down every
single time. This, I don’t think this is actually gonna
work. So yeah I spent 20 dollars and 52 cents at
the dollar store, I got all this stuff, the VR’s the only thing that doesn’t work, and
I got thousand island dressing. If the VR would work, I probably would’ve
said it was the best thing I bought, but I think it’s the dressing. So yeah guys that’s pretty much it for this
video, if you guys made it to the end and want me to do like another one, be sure to
drop a like and big thanks to Ezra for being this video’s shout out. If you’re new to my channel, get subscribed,
you can just click that button over there, and I’m gonna just go turn up now. Peace. Congrats on a million subscribers Julien,

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  1. I was cleaning my room and this came on, now I'm laughing my brains out!!! Keeten your videos our amazing and sorry if i spelled your name wrong.

  2. 0:00
    *Holds douche*
    Now a lot of you guys call me this word in the comments…I don't exactly know what it is, so I'm about to find out!

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