Autopilot + OneSignal – send push notifications with ease
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Autopilot + OneSignal – send push notifications with ease

March 11, 2020

With Autopilot’s new OneSignal
integration, you’ll be able to create multi-channel journeys with push notifications. The Send Push Notification action shape gives you the ability to engage your customers, with mobile and web push notifications, and send them on multi-channel journeys. Alert your customers have changes as they happen, with notifications straight to their device, before sending them multi-channel
follow-ups. In this journey, if a contact hasn’t opened a notification, they’ll be followed up with an email and SMS reminder, to ensure they’re aware of your
changes. When a contact makes a booking for the first time, send them emails with
information relevant to their booking, as well as reminder push notifications. We’ve used personalized push
notifications in this journey to engage contacts if they haven’t opened your content. For valued and returning customers, you can send them a notification that offers an exclusive discount, and link them directly to your products page. You can then use this journey to keep
track of how many customers have opened and used your discount offer. Send easy and effective push notification straight to your customers, at any time, with Autopilot’s new OneSignal integration.

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