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At home on the water

March 10, 2020

(upbeat music) – What attracted me to
the whole state of Idaho is it varies. So, from the north, you got the mountains, you got the big lakes. Southern Idaho, you got long deserts with the flowing rivers,
the thousand springs. Everything is in the same state, however, there’s not so many people, and the people who are here love it. They take care of it, they appreciate it, and they also like to share what’s here. And that’s what I like to do now. That’s why I’m with the parks department. Probably the best part
of my job is sharing what I get to do, each and
every day, with people. (upbeat music) One thing that attracts
people to Priest Lake, and almost all the waters around Idaho, is how clean and pure they are. A lot of it is the minerals and the rocks that they flow through. You’ve got your granite. You’ve got your nice sand. Winter time comes, all the watershed melt. (boat revving) (yelling) So, you can do power
sports or non-power sports. So, from your basic cruiser
boats to your fishing boats to canoeing to kayaking
to paddle boarding. And so, people come from all over to fish for the lake trout for the kokanee. – [Fisherman] Your first fly fish ever! (upbeat music) – Once you’re here, it kind of grabs a hold of your heart. It’s like home. You opened up your door and it’s like that fresh baked smell
of cookies or bread. It’s the tree smell. It’s the water smell. It’s the animals running around. So, all that just makes you go, I’m home. (upbeat music)

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