Anti-Gay iPhone App Pulled From iTunes Store
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Anti-Gay iPhone App Pulled From iTunes Store

December 29, 2019

there’s also uh… transported by go daddy
dot com if you go to the young prince dot com slash go daddy you get the best problem
quotes in the world self-help earlier in the week apple are accepted uh… i’d apple that was created by exodus
international and with the act uh… ortiz decided to do was try to help homosexuals or gays converts into straight men and women ok they said welfare
kidnapping at this this on the whole purpose of this apt was basically to uh… making people straight now but she’s not all have noticed the ap and
they said why would apple except it’s not only did they accept the ap beginning of four
plus rating which indicates that it has no objectionable material okay that is a completely fine affects family-friendly
and we should download it so i just takes dot org wasn’t six waving makes sense if you’re game when do you want to be straight and how would you do that that at the white people complain about this yet seriously and it’s not a big deal about
you know it it’s it’s not the september all it’s not bigoted at all times trying to help
the population that’s what they did uh… cell and since i was upset about it
and they decided to start on section well that all my position dot one hundred
thousand signatures an apple finally pull the ap off their itunes store for that yugi procedures not that that’s why
that’s the whole update of the story and i love the people that and i love it so many
people you know sign at all my decision to get rid
of the apt but still going back to the fact that apple
not only approve the affidavit of four plus apple rating is just crazy especially considering the fact that
apple has a long history of denying ap developers that have you know risque images of women
in their applications it like i love that they really don’t reject
that but they’re not willing to reject at an act that is bigoted deceptive and just
plain hateful now anfield you know you might say it’s which is just let him go
let everybody have their own opinion and then we fight back with our opinion uh… legal happens private company uh… was immediate recently uh… you know hank he said the more risque action i think my position and this is that i would
remind them that they approve this at a four star rating is outrageous of course back the
tears definitely oppressive issues regardless look some people think that gays can’t be
cure now i think that’s me mental levy does great damage to those people
go into those programs activesync about it but at the same time it’s a free country and so if you got an apt with increasingly thinking above the knee uncomfortable what they do
you know it you nothing without lives there so inconsistent
and i grant you their private company so they can do whatever they want right but you can’t ban ads or applications that have
naked pictures and then keep applications that have other offensive material that just
doesn’t make any sense either don’t banking and at all or if you’re gonna bad things that have questionable
material or offensive material sensitive material question on family friendly material and you’ve
got a bad all of them applications that have been michigan further in defending them beat this look hydraulic advance tickets here but i
see the difference between kate using the pictures right via pay per hour as opposed to oppressive ear right because it depends on who finds
it offensive you know obviously for a very very good reason dinners for data incredibly offensive right but other people played material offensive
and they’ll find rush limbaugh’s material pensive it played back to when becca have actually
began to be offensive statement what it and it was well it’s a conservative host migrate with inversion steps that xd captured the this he said it is shown no way uh… so that it’s a it’s a tough for line to draw interval that others will be right it is a tougher line it i’d think at the state way to play it which
is not bad anything but apple doesn’t wanna play that game they want to be considered
a family-friendly print-friendly company so they get to make the decision as to what they
banned in what they keep and i just think it’s depicted that naked
pictures like wire we so afraid of human anatomy flatly afraid of someone’s breasts when wives
that considered offensive and objectionable material pages don’t get so i don’t i don’t
know what their how the rating system works it’s doesn’t really make sense all right we have finally found week one of the day i don’t know why were afraid of peoples yeah definitely one of my darling one of those website parity dot for that first of all they have
reports that mitch customerservice is gonna caliber that history iphone and for the blackberry
apko wonderful himself that the other perfect on slides go daddy’s
you get all the problems of sites like the one to ten percent off of all your two white
teeth every that’s you i’ve got called out the phones it big act

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  1. @breemystic Even if you're right about Exodus on-campus activity, their intolerance would not justify that of their opponents. The problem with this debate is that both sides believe that what the other side is doing is very destructive, making it almost impossible to have a constructive dialogue. But, we must be tolerant of each other and be willing to respect the other side's position or, at least, respect their right to hold it & act on it. If not we will all lose our freedoms!

  2. @hash1212121212

    as i said before, your straight lifestyle is just as and even more disgusting, and yet that gets a pass because its "normal" to you

  3. @Xerxes4242 Re: "Your god can go f*** himself." I wouldn't want to be close to you in a thunderstorm! It's funny how a God that so many people says doesn't exist can be hated so much by some but loved so much by others. I don't think that any imaginary God could possibly arouse such strong feelings.

  4. @TadaHanJan Being gay should be ones own business and gays shouldn't be discriminated against, but there's no reason to promote it. The sun revolving around the earth and other science examples are completely irrelevant in this case as they were proved to be true. Reason why gays trying to get equality is not the same as women trying to get equality is that everything in nature suggests that a man should mate with a woman. Anyway gays do what they want except adoption, sounds fair?

  5. @mewimi How convenient for you that you alone have the power to make the determination as to what is or is not a viable excuse or explanation. I did not attack her gender, but I'll let it go since anyone else who can read is now aware of the high chance that you suffer from histrionic personality disorder. Maybe they'll still give you some attention though. Simply put, gender is an irrelevant issue, as neither is intrinsically and generally superior to the other. So both are fair game.

  6. Ana, you're cute but confused! The reason some graphic material is not allowed is because it is not protected by freedom of speech. But Exodus Int'l's app should be protected speech. Now, Apple is a private co, but their app store is a public marketplace & should be open to anything that sells, other than porn (which is not a business they want to be in). That's business. We need to return to the original definition of tolerance, which is the protection of offensive speech, not its banning.

  7. @TadaHanJan Here's an example for you: an old man falls in love with a little girl. Regardless of the society or time in history, a relationship between a very old man and a young child has always been at the very least frowned upon. Now picture in the future people are going to say, why isn't it ok for a 70-year-old man to marry a 5-year-old orphan??? If they love each other then surely they should be together??? And so the world gets crazier and crazier till we're at anarchy…

  8. Censorship and political correctness suck. The Gay Cure should not have been pulled, but instead should be joined by apps that help convert straights to gay, cure pedophiles and celibates, deprogram Born Again Christians, and enlighten Republicans.

    Censorship, of any variety, is a plea to return to the Dark Ages, not to act responsibly by virtue of Informed Consent.

  9. @verse1923 First the gay cure thing wasn't a joke. It was something made by bigoted religious right assholes.

    Both sides exerted their free speech rights.

    One side made their bigoted piece of crap, the other side said they'd protest unless it was pulled so apple would rather ditch the dumb bigots and the app filled with false advertising.

    They're free to say what they want to say, but apple is free to not give them a platform to say it.

  10. @cda76er No speech was banned, they simply chose not to sell something that offends a segment of their customer base

    The first ammendment protects you from the government saying what you can and can't say

    There isn't an ammendment saying that stores are forced to stock bigoted crap

    A stores free to sell a shirt with a klansmen on it saying "keep this white seperated from the coloreds," and they could ignore an anti racism protest but the supplier can't force a second store to stock it

  11. @TriaMaxwell There is a component missing in your remark… What if people started to question the adult's authority in the matter? What if people began to say, it's their right to decide who to see. regardless of their age otherwise it's "age discrimination" or something like that. I have nothing against gays, i was just wanting to make a point. (No hate comments in reply please cause i'm way too tired for an argument and i'm bout to sleep anyway.)

  12. @verse1923 The app isn't a joke.

    It's a serious thing that evangelical nuts are peddling.

    Yes there will always be people against gays. That doesn't mean businesses should give them a platform. They're free to say what they want and businesses are free to ignore them.

  13. @verse1923 Its fine if you don't understand the issue being presented of whether apple wants to be anti gay or not be involved in the gay/antigay discussion.

    You don't have to know a damned thing about an issue to make a comment on youtube mirite?

  14. @cda76er Well, the Muslim god (or Christian god, if you are a muslim) arouses the exact same feelings, so are you saying both exist?

  15. @Xerxes4242 (Re: my previous argument for God's existence) Good counter-argument. I would say that the Muslim conception of God, as well as any other conception, reflects a human understanding of who the True God is. As a Christian, I believe that God reveals Himself in a unique way in the Bible and that religions that either reject or are ignorant of the Bible can only form their understanding of God through how He reveals Himself in human nature & the creation, so they are deficient or false

  16. @LtShock Exactly how is trying to encourage & help someone who wants to get out of the homosexual lifestyle hate speech? The anti-Exodus people are really against religious freedom even when it doesn't affect them at all because they hate it.

  17. @cda76er You can't convert a gay person. LOL Are you really that dumb? If you feel attracted to men, there's nothing you can do about it. Just like you can't do anything about being attracted to women. It's just who you are.

  18. @ChristianMission Shut up. It's christians like you that make christianity look bad. If your gay THEN YOUR GAY!

  19. @cda76er And every other religion makes that exact same argument. With so many sides claiming they are the one true god, how should I decide which is the real one?

  20. @BalooDumptruck

    Well we cant help being as straight as we are, if you people are tolerant of gay, and or are homosexual wanting to be treated equally, than why cant us heteros take our pride in who we are?

    Me not commenting about a sexy womans chest would be like a gay guy forcing himself to repress his own behavior. Dont even try to jusify acting like picking favorites. I meet good class girls who like when i complement a nice pair. m more mature empasizing my orientation than repressin

  21. @hash1212121212 No, the two are treated differently for different reasons. I don't know much about polygamy, but from what I understand, it's often associated with the repression of women who are often coerced into marrying a man often for religious purposes. Gay marriage lacks that important factor.

  22. @hash1212121212

    why are straight people like you so obsessed over what gay people do in the first place? You also forget that straight people have more anal sex than anyone else. Stick to your breeder ways and stay out of people's lives.

  23. I agree with Cenk on this. It is not the same kind of "offensive," to have sexually explicit or violent images in an app as it is to have a "de-gayification" guide app. The reason for this is that there is a large population of people who mistakenly believe that being gay is somehow wrong (mostly the Christians and Muslims), and would rather live their lives in denial. This is how they can reconcile the use of this app. The app's intention was not to troll the liberal, informed gay population.

  24. @Xerxes4242 You don't need to decide because He will reveal Himself to you in your heart if you truly want to know Him. Hebrews 11:6 says – "And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him." And Jesus said: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." (Matthew 7:7) May you come to know Him & the joy that only He can bring.

  25. @ChristianMission : No homosexuals have ever been cured because homosexuality is not a disorder. There have been, though, homosexuals, who have been harassed, beaten, ostracized, humiliated, raped, electroshocked, tortured, and so forth… into doing stuff that the haters wanted them to do.

    YOU think it's curable because you think it's a disorder. But where do you get this idea from? think about it ! your cultural background and hateful intolerant religious heritage : the old testament.

  26. @breemystic Not sure I see how this is intolerant. All the documented evidence points towards the fact that these "homosexuality is a choice" opinions are just wrong and their supposed "cures" are harmful.

    Based on this logic, it is intolerant to ban "miracle cures" that claim to fight illnesses but actually have no medicinal effects or contain harmful to human ingredients.

  27. @cda76er Unfortunately, your book was written by men and has no merit. What do you think about stoning your drunk children, or anyone that eats shellfish, or anyone that wears clothing with more than one material?(the last category you fall into)

  28. wow…so we can have all the pro-gay shit in america but we cant have anti-gay shit…because some gay out there might get in a hissy fit and take offence to it so they pull it off…but all the pro-gay shit that offends people is perfectly ok…amazing…

  29. @TheTruePooka "Not sure I see how this is intolerant." See my profile about my stance on the whole "ex-gay" movement and what I think of people like Exodus. I completely agree it should be banned. I also think it was fair Apple Pulled the Exodus App because of the Exodus Developer not complying with the rules.

    I was trying diplomatically to get cd76era to see that Exodus and people like Exodus are the ones being majorly intolerant. The BOTH was to emphasize that Exodus is intolerant also.

  30. @123trymeout Yep, because the Pro-gay stuff aren't saying people that are heterosexual are the opposite of holliness and aren't full people. Pro-gay apps don't say that gays should be able to fire a straight person because they're not comfortable with straight people.

    TO ME that's mean spirited, defamatory and Offensive and an App can't have those qualities according to Apple's Rules. Exodus has to follow the rules just like anyone else, that's why the petition was made.

  31. @TheTruePooka I know it probably didn't work, because the "ex-gay" people like to dictate to the LGBT community what they can and can't do, while the fundementalists scream and cry Censorship and I wish that commentor would see it, but I know that person isn't going to acknowledge that.

  32. @breemystic hmmm pro-gay stuff promotes gays…yes? which is all fine and dandy…pro-gay stuff also slams the other side right? so straights being bigots or homophobes against them but when its pro-straight (AKA Anti-gay) which promotes straights…yes? which SHOULD BE all fine and right but its NOT…because when straights slam gays, its like selling nuclear codes to North Korea…its sooo bad and unfair but when gays do it then its perfectly ok…thats fucked in my book

  33. @breemystic lol now thats irony.."have a blessed day" yet on your page you basicly have a whole book on your background info slamming religion/religious people…let me ask you, do you like double standards? when you cant do something but someone else can? for example marriage? i dont think gay marriage should be illegal but I am not saying that I like the idea of gay people getting married but I will respect that and I am happy for them but christians say marriage will crumble if it happens..

  34. @breemystic which is non-sense yes? i personally hate that since i am a white middle class male. I have to appease the gays with their demands even if they shove it down my throat when I cant voice my own feelings without getting called a bigot/homophobe simply because its not gay-friendly much like this app…but its ok as long as no gays were harm in the existence of this app…or other people's views…its ridiculous…

  35. @123trymeout Why are you attacking me? I wasn't slamming Christians who just think being gay is a sin. I respect if you have Religious beliefs, I could care less what you believe, you have a right to believe it, but I'm sick and tired of going to work and in public and hearing about how I'm a sinner and going to hell a million times a day. I was a Christian for 14 years and I'm not anymore and you and everyone else can respect that.

    Also, I wasn't saying that you can't think being gay is a sin.

  36. @123trymeout The people I was slamming in my "book" on my profile were the peole like Exodus who pay off High Schools and Colleges to promote Christian groups and to get school officials and student governments to deny the formation of gay clubs. I'm against Exodus telling people they are broken and sick and disgusting and they need to live a heterosexual life. I'm sick of states like mine where gay couples can't adopt, foster parent or marry.

    That's the type of people I'm slamming, not

  37. @123trymeout I'm slamming people that defame the LGBT community and verbally and physically bully them and restrict gays from having equal rights. That's the type of Christian that I do not agree with and that I'm Slamming in your words.

    If you want to believe being gay is a sin and having Christian beliefs, go right ahead.

    But you and all other Christians can stop shoving your religion down my throat like many Christians in my city do. Have a blessed day.

  38. @123trymeout Oh and I ask Christians to respect that I don't want to hear about a religion that I followed for 14 years, because MOST and you may be different you seem like you have your beliefs, but you respect other people's beliefs, but most Christians do not want to hear about my religious beliefs, nor do I bring them up most of the time.

    Although I do state clearly that if it's someone's belief it's a sin that's okay, as long as they aren't harming anyone or restricting rights.

  39. @123trymeout One last post, I asked that people on youtube respect that I'm not a Christian, because even though I stated I had a religion, I was getting lewd and judgmental emails that went beyond I think this is a sin. Many emails and many comments on my youtube that had the same you are a horrible person and whatever the person's erotic fantasy was. Would you be "tolerant" if someone was telling you you were demonic and sent graphic messages? That's why I asked for respect.

  40. @breemystic well i would have to see ur reaction to give you an answer..if u are being just as vile as they are to u then no..respect is out of the question..u must first give respect to earn/given the better person, I respect anyone who wants to marry the person they truly love and care for regardless of race, sexual orientation, or creed. All I ask is the same privilege liberals have when talking bad about people who dont see eye to eye on the same views w/o bein called a bigot..

  41. @123trymeout Was I vile to you just now in my response? Yes. To be honest I just deleted the message and blocked the person without saying anything. Eventually it happened so much, I made it so only friends can PM me and comments have to be approved? Is that okay with you? Is that Tolerant enough? Was that okay with you? Was that "tolerant" enough?

    I'm the same way as you are, for Christians to get respect from me, they have to give respect to me first. Yet that's not tolerant of me right?

  42. @123trymeout And also in your area, the liberals may have the privileges, I'm independent by the way, I'm not a democrat, I'm not liberal.

    You talk about liberals having the privileges, in my city and state the Conservatives have the the privileges. In my city there are only Christian Churches, sure there's a jewish and muslim temple here but nothing else. Someone started a metaphysical shop and the conservatives protested and petititioned the store out. Is that tolerance to you?

  43. @123trymeout "son they truly love and care for regardless of race, sexual orientation, or creed. All I ask is the same privilege liberals have when talking bad about people who dont see eye to eye on the same views w/o bein called a bigot.." What do you say that's bad about gay people? I would have to see what you say to determine if it's hateful or not, if it's just that you believe it's a sin and don't agree that's one thing. If you're not restricting laws and using derogatory language, fine.

  44. @123trymeout, And by the way, have I called you a bigot or homophobic this entire time? No. I have said I respect your beliefs and I do respect your right to your beliefs. How is that not respecting you?

  45. The age rating that an app gets is actually decided on by the developer of the app (Then of course apple approves or declines), yes apple approved the app, but look at the developers for the rating.

  46. @Xerxes4242 You disappoint me. I had hoped your last question was a serious one. Those things that you refer to are understood as temporary commandments for a symbolic purpose which no longer apply today. It is OK to have legitimate questions about Scripture, but it is simply dishonest, if not arrogant to assume that the Scriptures have "no merit" without considering how the Church has interpreted them. But, if I had a dollar for every time I have heard someone do this I'd be retired!

  47. @breemystic no you havent called me a bigot or a homophobe..and thank you for that but many other people would have by now to end the argument…just if more people were like you…this world might be a little bit easier… 🙂 have a good day

  48. Thank you YT for your "unqualified" opinion. More importantly you state your uninformed opinion. I agree though how is this different than other material. But this is a great example of politically correct lobby group banning other pepole's opinion because they don't agree. After all no one was hated in this app.

  49. @cda76er Yes, and if I had a dollar for every religious person who ignored their texts, while still claiming them to be true, my entire family would be retired.

  50. @ChristianMission : …and it's relatively recent that blacks have been accepted as equal to the whites, after pressures, sometimes violent from black activists.

    We totally DO have the assurance that homosexuality is normal and natural. Go check Sapolsky's course of behavioral biology on youtube!

    If you have no reasonable base for judging homosexuality (but again: see Sapolsky!), why would you call it a disorder, by default ? Your claims ARE homophobic and they are a religious prejudice.

  51. @Tuuliska Never said I was ugly. Just that I wouldn't want to see someone built like me naked. Think before you speak.

  52. @ChristianMission You really believe that Flaming Ted Haggard has managed to pray the gay away? Why couldn't he pray the gay away while running a mega church and representing 20 million clueless evangelicals?

  53. I think that they should not be allowed to put thous things like to not be gay because like they say this is a free country to be who we are and this is hate they think it's not but this is hate alot of things can't be put on tv oh but crishtans can do what ever they want look I love god and I believe in him you people keep others from being who they are plus there really nothing wrong with gays they just like the same sex that's all

  54. The big problem is that sexualized human bodies are pornography and homophobia is 'opinion' and therefore subjective.

  55. I read Exoduses "mission statement', and I agree with their right to free enterprise. They do not claim to "cure" gays, they just offer a ministry to become celibate. If someone wnts to do that, then go for it. I think it's just bottling up something that eventually could explode!!

  56. @hash1212121212 It is EXTREMELY bigoted. Personally, i dont have a problem with incestuous couples. I would never commit incest myself just as i would never have sex with a man, but i would never make laws to stop it. I dont care what two consenting adults do as long as they dont hurt other people. Fact remains you are a degenerate who doesn't like anyone who isn't the same way as you.

  57. It's amazing to me how many supposedly reasonable people are so dogmatically certain that a homosexual cannot turn into a heterosexual. Where is the proof! The truth is that this is an anti-Christian religious assumption. There are many people who formerly lived the homosexual lifestyle now living more happily as heterosexuals or abstinent. To say that all of these people are simply denying who they truly are is also to assume what you cannot know.  This is just religious bigotry in reverse.

  58. I guess if you tried REALLY,REALLY, Hard- one could repress heterosexuality into denial and celibacy,if one so desired…and then, openly live life as a "functional homosexual".. Isn't that the opposite way of viewing the fake "ex-gay" movement? Makes about as much sense…Show me an "ex-gay" and I'll show you someone wallowing in denial and self-loathing, living a life of lies in order to please judgmental people in positions of power over them…What a monumental waste of human potential an

  59. @DogsneedpIeasuretoo

    How does an animal consent to sex? It can't. If it were a human being, it would be considered rape, and in most civilized societies it is considered cruelty to animals, and thus illegal.

    When someone is willing to physicaly torture non-human animals, they're likely not far removed from upping the ante to fellow humans…

  60. @snakeeye223 There's anger building up inside you? I totally understand, you're confused, you need someone to lean on, we should meet up. I'm Kyle btw. What's your name?

  61. @snakeeye223 Well I dont need my gayness to be cured, but you obviously have a problem with yours, so why don't you take your own advice.

  62. the captions are wrong and annoying it just blocking ana's breast its most useless shit everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  63. There's no such thing as freedom of speech here in the U.S. Have you ever heard of a court "gag" order? How about speaking freely in court ? You can't because you'd be "in contempt". How about being arrested for " verbal threats". In other words : Those with the power make/change the rules to suit their whims.

  64. Yes, Apple has the right to do what they want, however, as a company they're most interested in what will make customers happy. If enough customers are good people (as they obviously were, as people signed the petition), they should be getting rid of the app for business purposes anyway. And Cenk, if it was an app trying to convince black people to act "more white" or whatever, we'd all agree that it was hateful and discriminatory. So why is this any different?

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