Android App Review: Pocket Casts (Revisited)
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Android App Review: Pocket Casts (Revisited)

December 17, 2019

hello I am Wanderer001 and this
is actually a revisit of pocket casts it is a pod catcher pod feed pod cast
player that you can get for Android and iOS
I’m revisiting this app because recently it has had a major redesign and that’s
kind of what I’m finding myself doing lately is going back to some of my older
apps that I really use and really enjoy but have been upgraded and that’s one of
the reasons I tend to do hardware instead of software software has a lot
of updates Hardware not so much but coming back to pocket cast this is my
go-to podcast player period I’ve used some free ones in the past but this one
is one that I have kept the longest I even paid for it because well you do
have to pay for this there is a 3.99 charge for this in the
Google Play Store so around that up to $4 but I assure you it is well worth
your money so when we first launched the app this is what we see this is a kind
of grid format of all of the podcasts that I am currently subscribed to again
there are more you just have to scroll down so from the main page here what you
can do is you can come up here and press the magnifying glass to run a search so
you could search for a podcast directly from this page if you wanted to
hamburger button up here will allow you to change the way this front page looks
so badges you have off all unfinished and only on latest episodes so what the
badges are if you look in the corner of some of my podcasts you will notice that
there are numbers and those numbers and those numbers indicate the amount of new or
unlisten to podcasts layout you saw the grid format can change further so again this is one of
the reasons I like this app it’s super customizable same thing with sorting you
can sort by podcast name episode release date date and drag and drop I currently
have it on drag and drop and the last bit there is share podcast so again if
you want to share your favorite podcast with your friends that’s how you would
do it now the redesign mainly happens with the fact that
used to be that there was a sidebar that you would have to pull to access a lot
of these features right now you’ll notice that there’s no sidebar and
they’re kind of all listed here at the bottom I do have a podcast currently in
play which is why I have this bar down here now this is the mini bar that you
see within the podcast app itself this is your 30-second rewind play
fast-forward and then this is your cue I’ll be getting into that a little later
and then you have a little art for the particular episodes those things too I’m
going to start it really quickly just to show you that in your in your
notification shade you also get a mini player that has the art as well and
that’s a really nice feature moving on the bottom filters when you’re first
brought into filters if you don’t have this set to go into a specific one you
are greeted with this new releases in progress and starred these are think of
them as quick links to get to specific areas of the podcast app now you can add
your own filter so you can do colors you can do these icons here and this will
allow you to set up your own little quick start to a specific area so if I
want to here is the one podcast that I’m currently playing right now there’s a
lot of information going on here now such as this is how you can play it this
shows how far into the episode it is you’ve got your episode title you’ve got
this blue thing here which now means it’s part of a cued list and then you
have this one which is downloaded to the phone itself we’re going to jump in to
new releases just to kind of give you an idea that it does do this grid format
you can see several different icon types over here like I said before this one is
your play and shows you how far it is into the episode this one also shows you
if it has been downloaded to the phone this little green check mark as we
talked about before this one here means it has not been downloaded to the phone
because you don’t necessarily have to download these to the phone in order to
listen to them you can stream them that is an option that’s left to you now I’m
going to actually click on the cue so you can kind of see what that looks like
when you either open up the podcast that you’re listening to or select the cue
you are brought to a similar page so either I’m looking at
the episode and if I if I click on the episode art it will show me the name I
can move it I can mark it I can go to podcasts and if I go to that it will
bring me into just the information for that podcast and from here you can
actually do some things just on the individual podcast level so here you can
see checkmark means automatically downloads I can go into settings which
will allow me to be notified when a new podcast shows up automatically download
it this particular episode I’d be not automatically down download to my phone
it can be added to up next automatically it will also allow you to auto archive
the episode playback effect meaning if I wanted to just for this particular
podcast now you could do this across the platform but just for this particular
podcast you can select your speed you can select your trim silence and you can
select your boost volume which is really really good and then again we’re gonna
turn that off just so I don’t forget you have your skip so you can set that for
how far into the episode you want it to skip when it first starts the episode
and then filters and last but not least unsubscribe you also do have a
notification area right there and again the channel art that’s it’s just listed
right there it’s really cool and then again clicking on it one more time
within the podcast episode will allow you to see information and liner notes
liner notes if they give you for that particular episode but we’re gonna go
back to our new releases and our cue because from here you have options that
you can do across the entire app which is right here you can see setting a
variable speed I currently have it set for 1.7 if I want so I can increase
that’s a 1.8 it will trim silence meaning if something like that happens
you can cut that out so that you don’t have to put up with awkward pauses in
your audio you can also volume boost just like you could across the entire
system going back this will allow you to sleep so if you listen to podcast to go
to bed this will allow you to turn off the podcast after a certain amount of
time is you can also favorite in this case this
podcast if I wanted to I could favorite it and then in that filters area I would
be able to go in and just see my favorited podcast and again you can
share this podcast and there are your liner notes from the player area one of
the more controversial changes that was made to pocket cast was the ordering of
shows one of the big things that the old version could do was queuing and queuing
in your own special way well they did some things they people weren’t happy
including myself they rectified it so it’s not as big of
an issue right now but what I’m going to show you is if you are going to queue an
item so like I said this little blue icon indicates that something is in the
queue so if I wanted to go down here and queue all about Android if I drag it
partially to the right I have these options which will allow me to add in
sequence where I want it in my queue just swiping it to the right will add it
to the queue and it will automatically sort that by date of podcast not your
specific ordering so that will add it to the item above this will add it below
the item so that is a useful feature also swiping
I’m gonna swipe that one swiping in the opposite direction will actually allow
you to delete that particular item from your queue or your phone if it’s on your
phone those are one of the big things that people were complaining about and I
will admit I’m happy that they fixed it because yeah that was it was it was a
royal mess so again hamburger button the corner will allow you to play all
download all filter settings and delete filters if you wanted discovery just
that you can go through trending you can go through whatever ground it is popular
in the United States it’s just a discovery area it allows you to find
other podcasts and again that search area Discovery’s got the same thing
right up there now profile has some sensitive information mainly the account
that’s up top it will also show you the number of podcast the day’s listened and
the days saved based on things that you’ve
done skipping trimming things of that nature
so all stats allows you to see all of your stats so here you can see just like
I did my old video it shows you how much time I’ve saved by skipping stuff also
download stars and listening history so if you ever wanted to know all the stuff
that you listened to you now have listening listening history in the
corner there there’s also a sprocket which will I to get into more options
I’m not showing it because again my account name is right there and don’t
want that so here is where you can customize further how the app functions
now this is dark mode it does have a light mode which is found in the
functions now this area has not changed too much so I’m not actually going to
cover that if you want to see the particulars of that area I’m going to
link in the corner my previous video for pocket cast which will also show you the
web interface which at a extra fee will allow you to sync your podcast between
your phone and the web and watch them at your leisure now again I said I went
back to cover this because there were a lot of things that they change mainly
that queuing area realistically after I got used to it I
don’t mind it as much as I did when it first came out and it’s that’s how it is
for most things but I’m very happy that the developer of this listen to the
criticism about the cue area a lot of people myself included specifically got
this app because we wanted to be able to control our feed and how we listen to
episodes I don’t necessarily want to listen to them sequentially as they come
out I have a specific order that I wanted and I’m happy that they fixed
that and because of that I still highly recommend pocket cast as a excellent
podcast catcher player however you want to word that so I have been Wanderer001 if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave
them in the area below and as always thanks for watching

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  1. Thank you for this review! I was looking into a podcatcher and Pocket Casts has such divisive reviews since the Version 7 release that I wasn't sure if it was worth it. This review, actually paging through the app and showing how some things work within it looks like it will work the way I'd like it to work. Thank you!

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