Alien Abduction ‘IF’ This is proof?
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Alien Abduction ‘IF’ This is proof?

December 2, 2019

Claims of alien abduction are nothing new. For years people have reported being taken
by E.T . Beamed aboard UFO’s and experiment on. The proof of these abductions has been sparse,
there have been some amazing stories and a few recovered implants but nothing that would
100 % prove the phenomena. The recollection of many of these incidents
has also been recovered using hypnosis. A process which also has its flaws. The debunker’s claiming that the recovered
memories of abduction are actually implanted during these hypnosis session. But maybe we finally have proof and of all
places it comes from the internet. Google maps to be specific. Let’s take a look at the
“Google earth alien abduction” Welcome to if …………………………………………….. A
story recently reported by the website Mysterious things makes the claim that a UK man has found
evidence of his experience on the internet, using google earth. John Mooner a self-proclaimed UFO expert whom
is a resident of the sea side town of Torquay, in the UK county of Devon. Told of his experience. The man saying this incident was not his first,
the man told that he has been the victim of abduction on numerous occasions. In the year of 2016 he reports that over a
twelve month period he had many periods of missing time, alien contact and multiple ufo
sightings. One of these abduction events was captured
by the satellites that are used by google earth. Search images for the actual pictures These are the images that show the kerfuffle
or so he claims, what do you see? Mr Mooner reported that he was taken to the
moon by the aliens, (I guess he has a name that fits with his abduction story well.) It also seems the aliens that took him weren’t
the usual tractor beaming, weak, spindly bodied E.T’s. These aliens not only took him against his
will but gave him a beat down for good measure. The man reports missing memories from the
incident but unlike most he says this was caused by a punch to the face from one of
grey aliens. This punch resulting in a mild concussion! THE SATELLITE HAS CAPTURED A REAL ALIEN ABDUCTION
TO FIGHT OFF THE GREY ALIEN BY PUNCHING IT IN THE FACE.” Mooner said that he discovered these pictures
when he began trying to piece together what had happened to him, he felt drawn to the
location of his abduction and upon analyzing satellite images he found confirmation. He says that he can clearly see himself in
an altercation with the aliens proving he put up a fight. Mooner went on to say;
“Looking at the image it appears that the alien has blocked my punch and has grabbed
my fist and must have been able to subdue me. The strangest thing about this captured incident
is that I do not remember that aliens abducted me.” The pictures aren’t very clear and do leave
much up to the interpretation of the viewer but if you look long enough you may see the
details of the man’s target, something that looks like a smaller creature with an elongated
head. Could it really be a Grey alien about to take
a punch? Or are we being deceived by our eyes and the
things we’re conditioned to see? As strange as Mooner’s story may be he is
definitely not alone. The internet has allowed us to see a steady
increase in UFO incidents and many detailed reports are published online. The social stigma that has been associated
with UFO sightings and believing in aliens is steadily dissolving. Is this the result of an increasing number
of UFO encounters or because people are beginning to accept the reality of aliens and UFOs? Skeptics are still the majority and until
undeniable evidence is produced, their arguments will remain valid. Do you believe this man’s story? Have you found any convincing evidence online? Have you ever been abducted? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. IF space force wasnt announced we wouldnt need to get ready for a big worldwide bluebeam event. kia kaha whanau. they will be pushing the pandemic agenda shortly. aroha from aotearoa nz

  2. p.s man has had contact with alien entity since the begining of man. we may have to rely on them to stop the evil elite globalist agendas?……. the money trails all lead to the department of energy.

  3. Great video. I just subscribed. I already subscribed using my other phone bt I subscribed again. I'm The Weeknd.

  4. This story is suspicious. The pictures i've seen of google that involve this, does not have names on the roads, and there is no other sign of the location, other than a town, and district.
    There are however, photos of google earth in the same area with many glass structures, and claims it was a reflection of the sun. Although, it could have just been edited by someone to show that. Even though they haven't done such a good cover up job before.

  5. I believe I was visited/abducted as a young kid around 6-7 yrs old. Don’t have any strong memories only one of when I woke( or put back to bed ) and something spoke to me through telephay and said “don’t wake up”. It has always stuck with me. A couple of years later I experienced strong migraines. Had CT scans and all. Luckily they only lasted about a year and a half. Than never experienced them again. I’m sure it’s related but of course can’t prove it. This happened on a remote property in central Australia.

    Cool vid I’m enjoying the channel. Peace

  6. Subscribed after hearing about this channel from Cryptid Caravan. This is a solid channel, that is skeptical but not a debunker, and more or less just lays out the information even giving arguments against. More importantly asking IF is something people forget to ask, for conversation sake. Good work

  7. The Alien Abduction phenomena is real. It is a result of The Eisenhower Treaty. Implant technology exists in modern society. The Project Pulsar Papers I have talks about implant technology.

  8. Betty Hill drew a star map in the 1960s that she said an alien showed her when she asked where it was from. NASA announced years later that they had discovered a new star system "Zeta Riticulli". The star map they showed was identical to Betty Hill's map of the 1960s

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