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8 Top Email Replacements | Newton Special

March 11, 2020

So Newton Mail is shutting down and as you can imagine there are plenty of alternatives out there in today’s video We’ll be diving into eight alternative that you might want Okay, let’s basically explain the situation for you very briefly because this is has been a long story Newton mail was created back in 2014 roughly by a company called cloudmagic and actually changed its name back in 2016 and that’s actually when I started working there as a freelancer, I believe it was late 2018 that they shut down and naturally were bought out in February of 2019 by essential, essential have shutdown on February 12th I totally miss this news and mike from the chat and wayne worth chatting about it in comments below and They are prompted me to firstly make this video and also update you guys on that So new mail will be shutting down on April 30th of this year And as you could imagine this is the second shutdown that they’ve had So it’s a pretty big bit of news now for those who don’t know Newton Mail was in a mail application pretty much available on all devices it was $49.99 over liable I mean now it’s really Unreliable because it’s shut down so many times but basically a central has shut down and they’re shutting down cloudmagic the company and new To mail with it. So I know in today’s video. I’m getting its lated in the comments, but I wanted to give you eight alternatives to Newton Mail that might be useful So let’s dive in the first of those is a smart mouth by Readdle Spark is a very popular application The main reason why it’s so popular is it’s free It has some great abilities like sending later Being able to do undo send which a lot of people like and also a very attractive UI they continue to improve it and the Reliability of Readdle services has been really fantastic as in here have gone on there is a team pricing to it But this was actually my personal first option when I left Newton. I knew that the service was shutting down and I went to this application for about two months and I found the experience pretty good although I did move to another service which I mentioned a bit later on So the second service is a pretty obvious one and that is outlook outlook has been working really hard on their experience They’ve got a fantastic looking Mac app and also because they bought the calendar application sunrise They’ve been developing hard on making a really attractive calendar application within outlook The great thing is it’s pretty much included in office 365 plans So if you manage to get one, you can either go yearly or monthly But naturally they’re gonna be reliable because you’ve got other services like onedrive etc And it’s a Microsoft product. Number three is missive. This is actually the email application that I use it’s a little bit steep in prices as always something that gets a Bharden in the comments by it’s $12 per month. If you go for the full plan per month Which downside up quite a lot per year? but in my opinion it’s one of the most reliable and Effective email applications I’ve ever used I use the responses inside of it to send quick responses Almost like drafts pre-prepared for me, which is really handy They’ve got a bunch of advanced features and for me it’s reliable on all devices It’s hard to find a email application on all devices. And that’s what one of the trickiest things is these days This one’s available web Mac Windows iOS and Android So for example, if I’m on the go traveling I can actually log in through web and find that all there I know Well, I get all the people saying that this probably does a little bit more than say Gmail But the same time you have to have some sort of guilty spurge and this is definitely my one I think So number four and this is mail spring. I’ve heard a lot of great things about mail spring It was previously a company called nilus Mail, but they’ve recently redesigned it and it does look very attractive Now they have sort of posed himself as a Newton alternative on their website and they do have features like it Search they do have mailbox insights So you can see the sort of Numbers based around your email inbox and also they’re available on Windows Mac and Linux as well it works with multiple email providers like office 365 AOL Mail Google and etc. And it seems to be a really popular solution for emails out there So I wanted to make sure to include this one and the good thing is that it’s a free email client So the next up number five is mail bird pro and this is actually only for Windows users This is a really nice email client that works on Windows But provides you with really nice custom themes also allows you to integrate other Applications say slack and other such tools that might be handy during the day, but it does come with a price at the moment They’ve got a 50% off apparently on the website and it’s roughly about thirty pound Once-off which isn’t too bad. If you’re someone that uses Windows and also wants a reliable email application I’ve heard good things and As you can imagine they continue to add new features to it as time goes on number six I’m probably going to get battered in the comments for at nany’s superhuman, this is a $30 per month email application, but it’s touted to be the most reliable Speediest application on the market for those who have used it They’ve fallen in love with it But it’s definitely made and designed more for executives that struggle to unblock their email and apparently this is much more suited for those sort of managers and High-level executives that want to be able to get through their email fast and that spend a lot of time in their day They have features like snippets So you can send these sort of graphs with a few keyboard shortcuts and probably a lot less than missive They also have a gorgeous UI that works at a fraction of a second We actually did an interview with their CEO and from my visit like view of the product from not using it But actually seeing it being used I was really impressed. So that’s one to check out although there is a long long waiting list roughly about 250,000 people at the moment which seems like a big waiting list so number seven is spiked now spike is more of a Conversational email application you would plug in your personal email accounts and you can naturally start conversating Conversations with people directly it’s over site using Facebook Messenger But the email because the conversations look like social media conversations versus email conversation So it’s a much more of a relaxed style and you can have features inside of that like voice call video call file management and also the ability to see people in real time so you can actually See them typing their message so you can get prepared So it’s sort of like a blend between slack and email a bit of a different take but I thought I let you guys know About it because it’s like one of those slightly different style email applications but one that might interest you in your needs for you and your team so number eight is Protonmail and I’ve seen a lot of people in this community particularly jump on protonmail It is a real focus towards security This application is divine designed in Switzerland and it has real high grade security I think it’s Bank level security involved in it and a lot of people being jumping on it because of this sort of focus on privacy and protonmail really tries to encrypt well They encrypt every single email in Helping you to make a conscious effort towards improving your privacy for a real basic plan. Protonmail is gonna set you back Nothing. It’s actually if you want just one user one account and 500 megabytes of storage then that’s gonna be free but if you’re looking for the pro account where you can add up to five addresses and you can even access Up to a thousand labels and folders that’s gonna set you back five euros a month But at the same time you’re getting fully free encrypted emails in that free plan which is fairly good and Naturally therefore focuses on security Oh number nine folks and that is a very similar email application to missive It’s called front and it works in a very similar fashion They’re much more tailored for teams that are looking to communicate their email collectively and assigning things to each other like conversations so if you’re someone that works as a freelancer and You’re getting more and more clients or you’re someone that works self-employed or is a manager and you’re looking to sort of hook people into managing your email or Getting more effective on email Then this can be a great tool because you can assign People at tasks and even assign people emails and they’ll be able to get full in the loop with those team inboxes So they’re very popular for those sort of situations And that’s the only set of situation I’d say is good for solo use for myself. I Really love the design of missive and front is a very similar Well-designed application and that’s why I tend to go with those sort of tools I’ll be doing the video soon on my channel about why I’d love missive And maybe give you a few excuses of why I choose That is my email application but folks that was Newton alternatives Please email me directly if you want any recommendations for email applications Maybe we can find one that suits you best. But actually it’sit’s a bit of a sad news that Newton’s going but Naturally, it’s not the first time and sadly. It’s the second time and probably the last so folks Hopefully I’ll talk to you very soon and I will see you in a future video. You’re not subscribed here It’d be great to have you we do plenty of videos like this and we’d love to have you in the community feel free to comment below as well all about your sub experience with Newton over the years and Do like this video if you enjoyed it and fountain vallye the guys, I’ll talk to you very soon see in a bit

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  1. Folks, I do plan on doing another "Top Email Apps for 2020" to help you find more suitable applications, these are the 8 that came to mind after hearing the news as good alternatives to Newton Mail
    Let me know if you'll be moving from Newton Mail on 30th April below?!

  2. Do you ever feel like some of these have so many features that they end up making email even more distracting than before? I use the normal Gmail client, which works great and is free. With that said, maybe I just don’t know the alternative.

  3. Gutted to be saying goodbye after what seemed like a successful rebirth. I think I’ll be heading back to Mac Mail for a while.

  4. Thanks for the video. I’m also using massive. I also love Airmail but it’s only for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I hope they would release a web app and windows desktop app in the future.

  5. Missive's iPhone app is terrible and doesn't seem natively built by any means. Spark is where it's at currently. Beautiful app with just about every feature you could want, and free! I'm curious about Front. Their UI looks super clean!

  6. As usual, you forgot Fastmail. It has a decent feature set, a good calendar system, and a simple note taking app. Oh, there's also persistent file storage, and simple (static) website

  7. Is this partly where you have a community who all seem to pursue an inbox zero, and then are offered an overly expensive email solution that no one wants?

  8. Superhuman has a pretend waiting list. I signed up and they 'bumped me to the front of the queue' and I could sign up immediately. But there's no way I'm paying $30 a month for email

  9. Thank you for these reviews. I was looking at Newton as a replacement for Apple's mail.app but after considering it's pricing and looking at some of the apps in your list, I moved to Postbox. Unfortunately, Postbox doesn't have mobile versions so I'll look at some of your other recommendations. (ProtonMail, which I've been considering for awhile, looks interesting to me at this point.)

  10. You have forgot to mention PRIVACY !!! Proton Mail is very good, also Canary Mail and new Airmail with extra privacy tools.All other email apps are just not secure at all.Newton was also not good.regards

  11. Thanks for the helpful video! I have tried Spark before and currently use Outlook. I have a video idea for you: Review pine.io, my new favorite productivity tool that I discovered on Product Hunt this week. I would describe it as a mix of Milanote, Evernote, Todoist and a habit tracker.

  12. Hi Francesco… does anyone know of a good Android and iOS email app that will "share" emails to Trello. I am currently using the Gmail app with the Trello add-on, but the add-on is not available on iOS and it doesn't include any attachments. I know I can always forward the email but the render in Trello is usually pretty bad, and I don't care for the addition of the forward on the end of my emails. Again great job! And Thanks.

  13. I've used Spark on my iphone for ages, love it, but no Windows version yet. I was particularly impressed with Readdle for sending me some stickers all the way from Ukraine as I use 5 of their apps.

  14. If you find a privacy & security focus email client i suggest you to using
    1. Thunderbird for pc
    2. Fairmail / K9 / nine for smartphone

    And i think proton mail is not real email client but proton is email provider like gmail. And yes proton is great for Security and privacy (alternative you can using tutonota)

  15. I love your channel and I've been watching for around a year now I think. We often try new apps based off your suggestions. Thanks so much for the tip on Missive. What a fab email app. I just switched from Mac to Windows and I was using Spark but there is no Windows app 🤦🏼‍♂️.

    Missive is brilliant, a tad on the expensive side but it integrates with my Todoist and has some wicked features 👍🏻

  16. Yet another indie developer abandoning apps. It is why I stopped caring about apps in general and decided to stick to a simple, minimalist workflow free of software dependency. They all hype their stuff too much, they take money and then they disappear. I've tried all the apps presented here before. None of them had features significant enough to consider shelling out any amount of money. Free and default tool works just fine. Google's webmail interface might not be pretty, but it sure works fine.

  17. Important to note that any iOS email “client” passes all your emails through the third-party’s servers. You have to ask yourself if you trust them to keep your emails secure and private.

  18. I'm missing something, why would you use an alternative client to say gmail? Is it like buying microtransactions (in a game) to make your email client have more bling, without actually doing anything of substance?

  19. I understand that essential, will release the source code, do you think anyone can resume the project ?, In any case a worthy successor of Newton is Spark, hopefully launch version for Windows, thanks for the video.

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