7 BEST Indie Games of FEB 2020 You May Have Missed | Reviewed!
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7 BEST Indie Games of FEB 2020 You May Have Missed | Reviewed!

March 11, 2020

the February just gone was a stellar
month for new game releases today and get indie gaming we run down and review
a selection of the best games we played over the course of the month that we
think are worth you checking out let’s begin with Florence which came out this
past February on the switch with it being a firm favorite of ours having
spent much time with it on mobiles the new switch version is more of the
excellent same coming with a story similar to lala land its strength comes
not only from the lush illustrations and outstanding musical score but within how
it projects and elicits such fields of empathy and understanding from those
that play it as one of us here in our little group said while discussing
Florence over a cup of tea it all feels so very relatable we’ve all or well most
of us will have experienced the issues and events we see here in Florence and
while it’s under an hour from beginning to credits
it’s a story we’ll continue to come back to time and time again coming up next we have kunai again we
played on the Nintendo switch although it’s also available via Steam the eShop
describes kunai as an action-adventure although it omits to mention its
metroidvania elements which is largely why we had picked this game to show off
in our February edition of our top 10 indie games to watch countdown now if
you haven’t seen that video yet click the card on screen now or follow the
link down in the description a kunai starts off promising enough with it
feeling familiar and similar to many other games of this kind of action
platforming background to begin with the platforming feels well it’s really
robust and enjoyable the combat is also fast and fluid and has a nice edge to it
even from the start and this gets better to a point as you gain more weaponry and
abilities as you move through the game the visuals are also pretty darn great
with plenty variations although as a whole it is in the end let down by a
gameplay loop that feels slightly worn too thin too early there are also
sections of unrewarding backtracking and a looped crates order system that well
it doesn’t quite work as well as it might it is a good little Metroidvania
but it doesn’t quite hit all the high notes so here we have the console
release of two-point hospital and while it’s hardly a new game having been on PC
for a good length of time it’s something in truth we haven’t really played until
the last few weeks we pick this up entirely and exclusively on the Nintendo
switch while originally designed for a mouse and keyboard interface the
controls by way of the analog sticks work well enough although not being able
to use the touchscreen feels an opportunity missed
that being said two-point hospital pretty much nails what was so enjoyable
about themed Hospital back in 1997 although it adds plenty more in terms of
how much there is to do even if the overall themes are essentially the same
now given how busy your hospital can get we did have framerate issues every once
in a while although they didn’t impact upon our satisfaction or the overall
humor that’s to be found within the gameplay aside from the recent launch on
the switch to Point Hospital also came out on the Xbox one and PlayStation 4
with two of the available DLCs already included within the launch bundle coming next a game were really
conflicted by Luna the shadow dust is one of the most beautiful looking games
you can play today across any platform it’s hand-drawn animations and the
overall artwork a breathtaking from each and every frame from the beginning to
the end visually it’s utterly enchanting and yet
as a whole it’s held back by its overall pacing and in somehow of the
communication aspects of what is a wordless puzzle don’t quite cut through
as well as they possibly could being wordless Luna for the most part
uses murals and symbols to signpost and communicate to essentially let you know
and offer clues as to what you should be doing particularly within the game’s
puzzle sections usually you can work things out on such environmental clues
although from time to time and certain occasions we found ourselves undertaking
random actions to half guess what we should actually be doing this comes as a
frustration as does at times the speed in which the game ticks over it can feel
so very very slow almost too slow and while visually an utter triumph we can’t
as a collective agree if this beauty ultimately saves Luna from the
shortcomings within its gameplay up now and probably the third best game
we played last month well it’s a short little thing and comes in at around an
hour to play so it’s perfect to polish off and finish in a single play through
a note from the developer on the Steam homepage suggests Apple slash is more of
a tech demo or a little taste of something much grander graphically it
reminds us of minutes and it sees you play as a rotund knight of the realm on
a mission to save a missing boy the combats will it’s just great and at
times this game offers a fair challenge the whole experience is really rather
fun particularly the creatures you get to meet who are all well-written and
easy to like if this is more of a tech demo than bring on the main course up
next and at number two we have blood roots again we were able to get hold of
a good few weeks before launch and you can check out our first impressions
video by clicking the card on screen now or following the link down in the
description in a few words well all blood roots is bloody good fun with it
smell a combat action matching the best parts of hotline Miami together with the
Jackie Chan ethos that everything around you can be used as a weapon be they
pikes to garden vegetables and the odd farmyard animal despite its ultraviolent
it’s all handled with cartoon sensibilities and comes with perhaps a
surprisingly deep and classical Western tale of revenge and redemption
aside from framerate issues every once in a while the real annoyance came
actually from it not offering any hints or tips in how to control and play it is
at the start saw us looking at each other with blank faces as we fail to
initially work out how to pick up and use some of the early weaponry but
that’s really it from the down side of things once you’re up to speed it’s are
so very frantic and fast and in place is a really enjoyable slog it’s totally
amazingly joyous bloodroot is available by way of the epic game store and all of
this generations current consoles up next in the game we like playing the
most this Febrary just gone lair of the clockwork god is the third in the pan
and Dan series and it’s really really good so much would expect to see it make
a fair few number of critical game of the year rundown pieces once and if we
make it all to the end of the year it’s also handsomely written with it
genuinely delivering laughs after laughs all the way through comedy so
notoriously difficult to pull off with in video games and yet Dan Marshall and
Ben Ward have pulled off something really rather exquisite
we honestly can’t recall having laughed so much at a video game in perhaps well
ever it’s not just the writing or the art direction and comedy which makes
this so very good what really shines is the mix of the two principal characters
and how you control and how they react to the environments with one new players
an old-school point-and-click adventure type of thing and the other well they
adopt the play styles and gameplay of a platformer perhaps naturally enough you
switch between each character and while occasions we found a few control issues
the point-and-click and platforming together with the puzzles sometimes our
mouth open wide levels of greatness when you figure out the solutions it’s also
silly it’s rude it’s crude although it’s never
unpleasant with its jokes and barbs and punchlines it’s also a game about
getting older about adapting or staying comfortable with what you know and how
things should be done in a single word it’s brilliant and it’s our game of the
month just gone by an English country mile so there we go and while we didn’t
play as many games as we’d have liked this February just gone because we moved
house and didn’t have internet connection for 10 or so days were more
than looking to make amends for that over the course of March so what did you
play and enjoy back the month just gone let us know in the comments and if you
could hit that like button and subscribe if you’ve not already done so
that would really help us out and we’d be most grateful
in any case many thanks for watching and we’ll see you all here next time for
more indie game video you

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  1. Really hope you enjoy the first episode of this new monthly series where we discuss, review and rank the indie games we liked playing the most over the course of the month just gone. If you did, please let us know by slapping that like button!  Cheers!

  2. Hope Lair of the Clockwork God comes to Xbox. Might just have to bite the bullet this year and get a half decent PC. All my favourite games now are indie titles and it's frustrating being somewhat limited on console.

    Blood Roots looks amazing too!

    Thanks for the video 🙂

  3. Guys let's help the channel, our friend's growth this channel has a lot of potential, let's help it grow more and more =)

  4. My February release is Warlander.

    It's an indie roguelite with souls-y combat and visuals reminiscent of the technorganic designs from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

    It's a series of arena battles that plays out kinda like Slay the spire, but the combat used weapons that are essentially light sabers, with a focus on dismemberment, because you use the chopped off heads, hands and feet to pay for upgrades.

    It's a pretty cool mashup of ideas, and I dig the aesthetic.

  5. I hate to see the poor audience and reception Kunai is getting. In 2019 that was one of my most anticipated games for this year. Having completed it now I can say its far from a masterpiece but it's still a really damn good game and it's a shame its not getting any notice on Steam. I even heard the devs were review bombed on meta-critic. Sad stuff for Metroidvania fans.

  6. Before playing Lair of the Clockwork God, I was playing the Pedestrian; it's like a 2D Portal. The puzzles are never too hard, but they make you feel clever when you figure them out

  7. I was not that interested in Late if the Clockwork God but with the praise you have it I think I'm going to have to try it

  8. Ken Wong´s art direction in both Florence and Monument Valley are amazing. If any of you guys are even a little bit interested in art and illustration I highly suggest you to google his work.

    Appart from that, I´m seriously interested in Luna and Bloodroots. As for Lair of the Clockwork God, I don´t think I´ve heard about that one before. But comedy games are quite an interesting playtrough (even though I´m not even done yet with Trover Saves the Universe).

  9. Bloodroots is a little too violent for my taste. The game play looks great but I'ma pass. Probably will pick on Florence on the switch soon though.

  10. Im sick of platformers tbh
    AI Dungeon! I'm not sure when it came it, or of it's indie, but it is amazingly different!
    I played Lonely mountain downhill and horizon chase turbo.

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