#143  Project Introduction Company Website HTML, CSS & Bootstrap
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#143 Project Introduction Company Website HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

December 5, 2019

In this session we’re going to create a nice web site from scratch using H.M. CSSA and BU’s drop. This is another great opportunity to practice our acquired skills in the complete web development course . This time we will create the front page of a company website which offers web development services. You can get inspired from these Web sites or create your own web page Eltroxin Clines and getting them to get in touch with you for development projects. Let’s go quickly through our websites and cover a different convergence. First of all you can notice that our website has got a nice background picture but unlike other Web sites we have built so far. The picture is fixed when we scroll down. I’m going to show you how to do all that. We’re going to start by creating a nice collapsible navigation bar as we have learned in the bush draft chapter. We’re going to customize it styling using CSSA. And also we are going to add this nice brand image and give it this nice green color. Then we move to the title which we are going to place inside a jumbotron and it’s going to be adjustable . This will adapt to different device sizes. Then we move to the next section which shows pictures with some text explaining the different steps we’re going to go through to deliver a successful product. Then we can create a nice contacts button and a stylus using colors and transparent background. And finally we’ll create a nice footer and stylus using scissors. If you are ready then you can move to the next video where we will start creating our website

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