10 Best FREE iOS & Android Games [2020]
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10 Best FREE iOS & Android Games [2020]

January 10, 2020

HEY GAMERS!!!!! Welcome back to IsItThatGame! Your one-stop destination for the best Android
& iOS games out there I’m your friend ‘Big Smoke’ and this is
‘Top 10 FREE Games for iOS & Android, Part 1!!!! But before starting the video let me introduce
you to today’s sponsor: Hunter Assassin! Its a fun and addictive puzzle game developed
by Ruby Game Studios. Step into the shoes of a rogue warrior – or
rather – a ”Hunter’, who has to eliminate all the guards in each stage without being
spotted or worse, shot to death! The way you play it is simple, you tap on
the screen to move and tap on the guards to eliminate them. Make sure that you’re always hiding in the
dark, or the guards will spot you and open fire. Clearing each level grants you gems that you
can use to upgrade your “Hunter”. Once you’ve got all the free characters, hop
on to the VIP access to get more characters and other exciting bonuses. And let me tell you, this game has got us
hooked! We have been playing level after level. It’s an easy to play, hard to master game
that you can play anytime anywhere. This game quickly becomes #1 Action Game in
62 countries and occupies a leading position. No wonder its got over 10 million downloads. So, what’s the point of making the same mistake
over and over? Isn’t offence the best way of defence? Go download ‘Hunter Assassin’ and find it
out for yourself. You’ll find the download links in the description
below. —
First off in our list is Battle Prime, a multiplayer shooter that throws you right into the warzone. It’s a 295mb, free to play, third-person shooting
simulator is that puts you in the shoes of a militant marching straight into the hostile
war zone. The 6 versus 6 deathmatch is the standard
game mode wherein you and your 5 fellow primes try to kill the opponents. The graphics and fluidity of gameplay deserve
a special round of applause. Moving on, we’ve got Dead By Daylight, a game
that will haunt you through the night. It’s a 3000 MB horror game by Behaviour Interactive. The premise of the game is simple, the survivors
need to survive the night while the killer tries to kill them. You can choose to play either as survivors
or step into the boots of the killer. Either way, this game will rush your adrenaline
bar high. Next up, we’ve got Steel Rage. A rare hybrid of shooting and racing games. This beast of a game by GDCompany, coming
in at 187 MB, let’s you choose a car and fully customize it with chassis, armour, weapons
and so much more. Immerse yourself in the beautiful graphics,
yet be surrounded by constant bashing and hagging in the online multiplayer PVP mode
where others try to take you down. You can get it right now on the Google Play
store but you’ll have to wait a while to get it on iOS devices. eFootball PES 2020 is a must-have game for
any football fans out there. It is shrunk version of PES 2020, the game
that won E3 2019’s “Best Sports Game” award. Developed by one of the best names in the
gaming world- Konami, you can get this game for free if you’ve got 1600 MB to spare. Play as your favourite teams and players in
immersive football matches. You can even play with your friends via local
multiplayer or challenge other players via online multiplayer. Moving on, we’ve got a game that takes pride
in being difficult and challenging. Star Knight is a 63 MB game developed by Mobile
Heroes. It is an action platformer where you step
into the shoes of ‘Naro’, a knight, and fight hordes of monster to restore peace. This game won’t give it you easy, it will
challenge you at every moment. It’s a perfect blend of gorgeous graphics,
adventure, and action. Next up on our list, we’ve got Hills Of Steel
2, a 100 MB game by Superplus Games. You’ll play as a cute yet destructive tank
and your mission is to destroy your enemies and take control of the hill. The highlight of the game is the realtime
3vs3 multiplayer battles which use unique physics-based gameplay that is a treat to
play with. There are many other modes as well such as
Rampage, Star Catch, Domination, Boss Battle and Team Survival. Cyber Hunter by NetEase Games, at first glance,
looks like a console game and nothing at all like a mobile game. It is 1500 MB competitive sandbox shooter
game. You can choose your player from a range of
characters. Each character has a unique skill set which
can be further customised and upgraded to suit your play style. The studio prides itself in its vertical combat
concept. It introduces parkour abilities such as climbing,
gliding, and rolling all while being engaged in the action. But look out, other players with equally unique
abilities are on the hunt for you. Moving forward, we’ve got SIERRA 7 a tactical
shooter with an art style I bet you have never seen before. Its a 176 MB game by SHD Games. You play as a tactical operator caught in
the middle of a war. The weapons have a realistic feel to them
yet there is an arcade as aesthetic to the overall game. Although a rather short game, it is a memorable
and worthwhile one. The penultimate entry on our list is Granny:
Chapter 2. Its a 240 MB game from DVloper. Although it sounds cute and warm by the name,
it’s just the opposite. You are locked in a house and you have to
make your way out within 5 days. But be careful that you don’t drop anything
or make any noise, or granny will find out. What this game lacks in graphics makes up
in its thrilling gameplay. The last game on today’s list is Zombie Gunship
Survival, a zombie survival game by Flaregames. In this 365 MB game, you take control of a
gunner seat in a fighter plane and unleash hell on the undead zombies. As you progress, you can develop your base,
upgrade your gun and plane and so much more. There are various modes and abilities that
will make sure that you don’t get bored smoking Zombies for hours upon hours.

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  1. Bruh thank you is it that game and big smoke for telling me this games now I can download them and enjoy REALLY ENJOY

  2. Dead by daylight its not available in your country so i live in UK and its not available so why this one is on the list then?? If you can't play it whats the point? Or do i need to go to Asia or somewhere to play it?

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